Which Direction Should Your Conservatory Face?

There are so many things to consider once you have decided you would like a conservatory adding to your home. While it is a great home improvement that can create extra space and provide a relaxing room for you and your family to enjoy, you have to carefully think about the style and design as well as its positioning.

Conservatory Face

A conservatory can be used for a range of different purposes but one of the most important things you need to consider first is the direction in which it faces; this can affect the temperature and amount of sunlight that comes into the room each day. You may be limited on your choice depending on the original build of your house, but there are solutions to ensure that no matter what direction your conservatory is facing, it can still be a great room to use all year round.

How is your conservatory affected by its position?
Depending on which direction your conservatory is facing, you will encounter different conditions that you should be aware of. A north facing conservatory will not receive much sunlight, if any at all. If you have a north facing conservatory, or it is your only choice, then you should ensure your conservatory is well insulated as it could feel cold in the winter months. A north facing conservatory will naturally receive less direct sunlight, however it will be a comfortable room to spend time in during the mornings and afternoons as it will not overheat.

A south facing conservatory is the opposite and will receive sunlight all day; doesn’t that sound great? However, in the height of summer, your conservatory may become uncomfortable to sit in and so you will probably need to take steps to keep the room cool during the summer months. A south facing conservatory will often heat up quickly and retain the heat. It may be worth also investing in blinds so that you are not sat in your conservatory blinded by the constant sun. Having your conservatory face this way could mean you have some lovely afternoons and even evenings basking in the sunlight.

By having a conservatory that faces east, you will experience sun coming into the room in the morning; it could be the perfect space to eat your breakfast every day! An east facing conservatory will only have the sun for the first half of the day but if you are an early bird or if you enjoy reading your morning paper in a relaxing environment then this could be perfect.

Not surprisingly, a west facing conservatory is the opposite and will receive more sunlight in the second half of the day. In this sense, your conservatory could be ideal for use as a dining room and you would often see the sun setting through your conservatory windows.

Regulate the conditions of your conservatory
No matter what direction your conservatory faces, you will probably have to make some adjustments to the room to enjoy it to the fullest. For example, if your conservatory receives sunlight all day like a south facing one, you will need to create some shade via blinds so the room can be enjoyed without sun in your eyes or the room becoming too hot.

Likewise, a conservatory that receives less direct sunlight will need to be heated in some way, either through the likes of better insulating or heaters.
If you really want to ensure that your conservatory maintains a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is outside, a Guardian Conservatory Roof could be your solution with its solid tile design that looks great and is even energy efficient.



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