Why choose a spiral staircase?

Why choose a spiral staircase?

I do love a spiral staircase, don’t you?

And there are just so many lovely benefits to having a spiral staircase.

They are entirely functional and brilliant at space saving and so make such a useful addition to a smaller home.

They have such a wonderful aesthetic appeal too.



Why choose a spiral staircase?


Why choose a spiral staircase

Versatility is another key feature of a spiral staircase. Because it doesn’t have to attach to a wall it can go pretty much anywhere which gives you so much scope in your interior design. They can of course also go outside.

I always think of them as romantic, elegant and rather quirky and oh I just think they are such a fabulous statement feature to have in a home.

When it comes to buying staircases online UK customers there are many options form pre-assembled to do it yourself. I am excited to show you some gorgeous examples. I also have to say I was shocked by the prices of these staircases and for once in a good way! I thought they would be a lot more expensive.


Steel spiral staircases

Take a look at this cool steel spiral staircase, perfect for inside a home. It is robust and easy to assemble and it looks fabulous.

You can buy a  steel spiral staircase kit in a number of designs too and this viola one from Fontanot shop is, I think, particularly funky and should absolutely lead to a kids bedroom or play space.



The clip staircase shown comes in 5 different colour ways and I love how it is used in the image below to link 2 areas together.  They make a great second staircase and can really help separate a home out into zones.



I think they make such a fabulous addition to a home. I am so very tempted!


Where to put a spiral staircase

In my spiral staircase imaginings, I would put one on our landing going up to the loft and then convert the loft into a larger bedroom for my daughter with an en-suite. Because we wouldn’t have to convert her current teeny tiny bedroom that could the become a little office for me.  If we went for a traditional staircase we would have to lose our tiny bedroom to make space and in the process, I would lose my potential office. A spiral staircase would in effect give us an extra room…now that is pretty impressive!

Would you have a spiral staircase in your home? – as usual, do let me know what you think in the comments below.



why choose a spiral staircase us a collaborative post – you mught alsi like my post on the benefits of a spiral staircase and beautiful staircases


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