Why climbing frames are great for your kids

Do you remember when you were young how much fun it was to play on climbing frames ? It seems to still be the case.  Every park and most nurseries will have some kind of climbing frame, climbing centres are increasingly popular and my son has even been to a climbing wall party this year.  It seems form a tiny tot to a big grown up climbing thrills us and satisfies us. Reaching the top is always so satisfying.

My mum (bless her) was what you might call a bit over protective. Every (single) time I went on anything she’d say ‘be careful!’ and I would get all anxious. Needless to say I try (very hard ) to shout ‘go on well done and keep going to my kids even though I worry too.

Our local park has the most awesome wooden climbing frames and both my children adore them.  They look lovely actually, very natural in their environment in both colour and material and not at all like their metal or plastic counterparts. I wish we had invested when the children were small in a wooden climbing frame. Wooden climbing frames look fabulous in the garden and you can get them in all sort of sizes and shapes.

Climbing is great for kids not only do they encourage physical exercise and co-ordination but climbing requires strength, stamina and a dose of courage too. A head for heights from an early age is an advantage, once as adults we know the dangers off something we become a lot more wary.  Climbing also requires thinking and strategy so all in all it’s a a very useful developmental aid!

You can find some lovely climbing frames at www.climbingframesuk.com




  1. October 1, 2012 / 13:28

    Climbing Frames are amazing for children – they really bring out the imaginative side in children and they also last a long time. Although they can be a bit more expensive than some toys and games, they last a lot longer than toys that will be thrown out in less than a year.
    We have a beautiful wooden climbing frame in our garden and every year we add little bits to it (which are relatively inexpensive) to keep the children’s interest. Every year they feel like they have something new to play with even though the frame is still the same!

  2. Sharon Ferron
    July 27, 2013 / 10:07

    What a lovely picture of a cute little climbing
    frame! I take my kids to the nearest park where they have hours of fun with the shoe-shaped climbing frame. Thanks for reiterating the benefits of a climbing frame.

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