Why do people play the lottery?


Why do people play the lottery?

Do you play the lottery?

An awful lot of people do. In the UK alone in 2016- 2017 ticket sales were an astonishing £6.9 billion.



Why do people play the lottery?

6.9 billion – wow!

And out of every £1 spent 95p was returned to society making buying a lottery ticket an act of charity really.

But is this why people enter?

No of course not. People enter the lottery because it is one of the very few ways in life you can become seriously rich without haveing to work really really hard ( and even then chances are you would never make the potential amount you can on the lottery!

Why do we aspire to be rich?

Oh, I personally think there are 3 main reasons why we all have that secret longing to be uber wealthy :

  1. We could really take care of the people we love with treats and security, we could pay off their mortgages, treat them to a new car – anything!
  2. We could give a huge amount to causes we belive in and that would be amazing, wouldn’t it?
  3. We could buy all the things we have always wanted, a car, a new home, clothes, a state of the art muic system.
  4. We could have amazing experiences: holidays, adventures, weddings and more.
  5. We could GIVE UP WORK! Blimey how good would that be.
  6. We could give up any money worries and know that no matter what happened health or otherwise we would be secure.
  7. We could pay off any debts and for some people that would just relieve so much stress and worries.

Just fantastic, right!

Okay the chances of actually winning the lottery are not high but to do would be just life changing and that why people play I reckon…just for that chance. Over at Lottoland you can find a range of countries where lotteries can be played which can be really exciting!

If you play, why do you play? I am intrigued to know so do leave me a comment!


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