Why flowers are the best gift


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Why flowers are the best gift – always

I have always loved to receive flowers. Even as a little child my Granddad would give me posies of old English roses from his garden, big and flouncy and full of fragrance. I loved them. I would keep them in my bedroom and just adore my precious gift that looked and smelled so pretty.

My dad always bought my mum flowers, every single week so we always had flowers in our home.  I always saw it as a sign of how much he loved her. The memories of that make me so happy and flowers will always remind me of my mum and dad’s love for each other.

When I was younger I loved the riot of colour you could get in a vibrant mixed bunch of flowers. As I have got older I prefer a more minimalist look and simple flowers all in one colour are nowmore my style.

Spring flowers are my delight, particularly pink tulips. I do love wild flowers too, red and white poppies, and big yellow buttercups.

Flowers always bring me joy.

As a gift idea I don’t think you ever disappoint sending flowers.  It’s a great way to send a very personal and heartfelt present even across the miles, and speedily!

I could order a flower delivery Brisbane bound and it could be there the next day which is just amazing really considering the cost.  The power of reaching out with flowers to far flung friends is one of the absolute joys of a flower delivery. And really, there is no knock on your door better than one bringing flowers is there?

It would certainly work for me!


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