Why I hope she grows up liking Pink


Today – Why I hope she grows up liking Pink

Many young girls will be asking for hair straigtheners this Christmas and lots of other beauty gadgets that boost this huge money making industry. Sadly the idea behind such products is often that little girls want to look like mainstream pop stars (Barbie dolls) rather than themselves.


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Why I hope she grows up liking Pink

Raising girls presents its own challenges doesn’t it? My 5 year old wants long blond straight hair because (thanks to princess literature) she thinks this is how ‘pretty girls should look ‘and equates pretty with being popular, etc.

In my family, straight, glossy hair is not the order of the day we. WE have rather wild curly hair that grows out rather than down. We have tremendous, fabulous spirited hair but at 5 she wants to fit in.

I worry about this. Many kids grow up wanting to fit in and sadly we get fed images all the time of lookalike celebrities and we start to think this is the right good normal way o be and look. I think it important to raise our kids to embrace their own style and work with what they have.

I saw Pink the other night on the Factor and I thought she was amazing. Really a strong confident woman. She reminded me of Annie Lennox, she seems to know her own style and know who she is, she was no stereotype.

I dread my little girl just wanting to dress like everyone else, getting all big eyed about a ‘Barbie type’ girl pop star (does this make me sound old!!)

It would be a proud day if she asked me for Pink tickets one Christmas in her teens, rather than tickets to see a bland girl band gig.

Long live crazy hair and all it embodies!!!   Leave those kiddy straighteners in the shops!




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