Why So Many Fashion Models Are Using CBD

Anybody with even a cursory interest in fashion knows that it is all about setting the trend. That said, designers and models aren’t afraid to jump on the bandwagon if they think it can boost their profile. There are few hotter trends than CBD at present. It has gone from niche product to global phenomenon in a remarkably short period.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that fashion models are going wild about cannabidiol. In particular, they love using products such as PureKana CBD topicals. With options ranging from roll-on gel to lavender body balm, consumers are spoiled for choice. However, why are fashion models gravitating towards CBD topicals? Read on to find out more.



The Quest for Flawless Skin

As a fashion model, the pressure is on to look your best at all times, not just on the catwalk. Models at the top-end of the industry are continually pestered by paparazzi, desperate to find a model looking less than perfect. Given the fact that models are human, these photographers have plenty of material to work with.

However, a CBD topical could potentially help skin look fresher and more vibrant. It won’t perform magic and make you look ravishing after falling out of a nightclub at 3 am, however!

One of the issues faced by fashion models is the consistent use of make-up; it takes a toll on the skin. Taylor Hill, a model for Victoria’s Secret, recently revealed that she had problems with acne since her teens. This is down to regularly applying make-up.


How Can CBD Topicals Help?

It seems as if CBD could significantly alleviate the appearance of acne by reducing the levels of oil in the skin. When the skin’s pores produce high levels of oil, an acne breakout is inevitable. CBD seemingly has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce oil production. The cannabinoid could also be an antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria in our pores.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). In fact, all mammals have one. The ECS consists of cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) linked with our brain and central nervous system. We produce natural endocannabinoids, which have a major impact on functions such as mood, sleep, and pain.

CBD indirectly acts upon these receptors and can help increase the production of endocannabinoids.


What Does the Research Say?

It is one thing making these claims; it is another thing entirely to back them up. The CBD industry is rife with misinformation and outright lies. However, there is scientific research that suggests CBD topicals could help improve the skin’s condition. No wonder fashion models want to try it!

Remember, acne occurs when excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells clog the skin’s pores. Treating acne involves ensuring the skin is clean and free from the bacteria that cause it. Some studies show that CBD could stop processes such as excess oil buildup.

One such study was published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation in 2014. In a lab, the researchers looked into the effects of CBD on human skin samples, along with glands that produce oil. They found that cannabidiol inhibited the production of oil. It also had anti-inflammatory effects on the glands that produce oil. The researchers concluded that CBD was a “promising therapeutic agent” for the treatment of acne.


CBD Topicals Could Help with Pain Too

If you don’t think that fashion models have issues with chronic pain, think again. Many people don’t realize that walking in high heels for hours on catwalks, red carpets, and photoshoots plays havoc on the feet. Rubbing a CBD topical into the affected area could help ease the pain by reducing inflammation.

Sadly, some fashion models end up with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) later in life. This is a condition characterized by frequent joint pain. A study published in Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management in 2016 offered hope for people with difficult-to-treat pain.

The researchers used CBD gel on rats. They found that it helped to reduce joint pain and inflammation. Moreover, there were no adverse side effects. Therefore, fashion models with joint pain could use CBD topicals instead of potentially addictive opioids.


Final Thoughts on Why Fashion Models Use CBD Topicals

It is easy to assume that a fashion model’s life is nothing but glamour and parties. While there is an element of truth to it, it is also a fact that being a model is far from easy. There is constant pressure on you to always look radiant for the cameras. Models also have to deal with a lot of pain, so some turn to opioids and even illegal drugs.

CBD topicals can help keep their skin in pristine shape. It could also help manage pain and reduce reliance on potentially harmful substances. 



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