Why we Still Love the Humble AGA Cooker

Why we Still Love the Humble AGA Cooker


Why we Still Love the Humble AGA Cooker

AGA cookers have been a favourite in Britain for almost a century. They were invented in 1922 by Swedish inventor Gustav Dalen, although they soon found their spiritual home in Britain when they were first imported in 1929.

Whether it’s the warming properties of the Aga – ideal for cold, wet winter days in the UK – or it’s ability to cook the perfect roast dinner – a favourite dinner in the country – the AGA has always been a firm favourite for British households.

The AGA cooker, along with other range cooker brands such as Rayburn and Everhot, have been criticised in recent years for high fuel costs and environmental concerns, however recent innovations have addressed some of these issues with the new electric and remote-controlled AGA versions bringing the cooker firmly into the 21st Century.

At Blake and Bull Aga Accessories we are AGA cooker lovers ourselves (we work with them every day), which is why we’ve come up with some of the reasons why we still value this staple of the British country home!


They Produce a Radiant Heat

AGA cookers have a unique cooking method due to the cast iron ovens which radiates heats from all surfaces simultaneously, meaning the heat is less intense than a conventional electric or gas oven.

This radiant heat from the AGA helps to preserve the moisture and nutrients naturally present in food, meaning that, if cooked correctly, your oven-cooked meal will be juicy, tender and good for you as well!

This radiant heat excels at cooking tasks such as roast meat and vegetables, as well as for baking tasks where a long, slow cooking time is required.


They do More than Just Cook

An AGA is a multifunctional household appliance, it does so much more than simply cook food, saving you money on other appliances in the process.

The main advantage of owning an AGA is its heating capabilities, with its radiant heat keeping the air around the cooker warm. If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, having an AGA is a big advantage as you can save on heating the rest of your home.

The heat from your AGA also works as a handy means of drying laundry as well as pots and pans; no need for a tumble drier!

You can even replace your toaster with the hobs and a good toasting rack, although we would recommend keeping your kettle: Agas lose a lot of heat when heating large pans of cold water.


They’re More Environmentally Friendly than Reported

AGAs have been criticised for being fuel-hungry and causing high utility bills, but these arguments really only apply to gas and oil versions, which are slowly being phased out. 70% of all new Agas purchased are the more efficient and greener electric versions, whilst older gas or electric cookers are being converted to make use of the latest technologies.

AGA have also responded to the inability for older versions to be switched on and off between usages, resulting in wasted energy. They brought out the Dual Control and Total Control versions in 2011 allowing for the oven to be remotely controlled via a smart device such as a mobile phone.

On top of these improvements in efficiency, AGAs also consist of around 70% recycled materials when they are manufactured. They also buck the trend for the modern ‘throwaway’ culture as they can last for years and years (the oldest working AGA cooker in 2009 was found to be dated from 1932).


They Improve the Ambience (and Value!) of your Home

Many AGA owners find their home lives start to revolve around their kitchen, due to the pleasant cosy warmth given off by their range cooker.

Often home owners who inherit these cookers often don’t see the point in them, but give them a few months and they can’t live without them!

In addition, owning an AGA has been found to increase a property’s value with 38% of home owners explaining that an Aga increasing the desirability of their property.


Dogs & Cats Love them!

Dogs and cats will undoubtedly make the spot next to the AGA their new favourite spot, especially if provided with a pet bed.

For owners this has the advantage of making sure your pets are dry, limiting those unpleasant wet dog smells around the house!



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