Win a free digital photography diploma course worth £270

Do your kids love Pokemon Go?

It has been a big feature of our summer holidays here I have to admit and we have walked many miles and visited many places in pursuit of the Poke-stops  and Poke-gym and Pokeman!

I may have grumbled about it once or twice but in some ways though I have to say I have really enjoyed it.

I absolutely love to take photographs and Instagram has to be one of most favourite places! Travelling around with my kids, who keep stopping to catch Pokeman, has enabled me to really indulge my passion for taking photos.

I love to record moments in our life and the things we have been doing. I do wish I was a bit more skilled at it though, I could do with some lessons.


If you love taking photos too there is a brilliant digital photography diploma course worth £270 at NCC Home learning and you can win it! (I really fancy this myself actually!)

All you have to do to enter is visit this link here fill out the contact form and send in a picture of a Pokémon you have caught on Pokémon Go!

Simples! and what a fabulous prize indeed.

Best of luck



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