Wine and Food Pairings


Wine and food pairings matter!

All of us who enjoy the countless number of food flavors, shapes, colors, smells, tastes, and the way they are combined together certainly knows the importance of having a suitable glass of wine with the perfect meal. A quality glass of wine not only enhances our mood, but it also complements and glorifies all the craftly mixed ingredients used to create the amazing dish. Choosing the best wine and food pairing is a bit tricky due to the numerous factors and “rules” in food and wine matching. However, not everyone is a food or wine specialist, so we tried to give some simple ideas of delicious food and wine pairings and best wine suggestions. You might be surprised to find your future favorite match.


White Wine Food Pairings


The best young, crisp and light Chardonnay such as Chablis coming from Burgundy, France, makes a perfect match with lightly cooked seafood, including crabs, prawns, or grilled fish.



Burgundy Chardonnay also makes a perfect pair with appetizers such as fish pâtés or some terrine ( vegetable, fish or chicken).

Full-bodied and oaky Chardonnay like the ones produced in New Zealand- , Kumeu River Coddinton Chardonnay 2019 , California – Bogle Chardonnay 2020  , or Australia – Xanadu Chardonnay 2019  complement with creamy and buttery chicken, fish and pasta dishes, Cheddar and bleu cheese, grilled veal with mushrooms as well as summer vegetables.



Sauvignon Blanc

Being one of the most popular white wine choices in the world, Sauvignon Blanc is light, refreshing  blend of tropical fruits and aromatic herbaceous notes. This light wine makes a perfect match with light meat, including chicken, turkey, seafood, soft cheese like goat cheese and salad, mozzarella, goat gouda, parmesan, feta, ricotta cheese and salad, spicy dishes and spring vegetables.

Coming from the most prestigious French regions such as Loire Valley , with characteristic mineral and citrusy flavors, Domaine Fournier Les Belles Vignes Sancerre Blanc 2020 makes a delicious pairing with light shellfish dishes, raw oysters, clams, crab prawns and lobsters. Similar complementing combination can be made with Rapaura Springs Sauvignon Blanc 2021 from New Zealand, Duckhorn Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2019 from Napa Valley, California.



Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Champagne is one of the most famous sparkling wines in the world. It is a style of sparkling wine made in northern France, called Champagne and only this sparkling wine can be called Champagne. This popular wine is made from three grape varieties including Chardonnay (white), Pinot Noir (red) and Pinot Meunier ( red).  However, there are many other delicious sparkling wines produced in the world, such as Cava, Prosecco, American bubbly etc.  Commonly, Champagne creates a perfect, mouthwatering combination with almost every dish. Champagne Soutiran Signature Brut Grand Cru is heavenly tasty paired with fried mushrooms or crispy fried chicken, rich macaroni and cheese dish, grilled cheese, fish and chips, lasagna, salty snacks, and fruit desserts.

Classic Champagne and food combinations are made with caviar, oysters, light fish, and lobster. These delicious dishes can be also combined with more affordable versions of sparkling vines such as Lous Bouillot Perle d`Ivoire Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs coming from French Burgundy, Chateau Ste Michelle Sparkling Brut, USA or Rizzardi PRosécco Extra Dry from Italy.



Rosé Wine Food Pairings

Being the favorite drink for warm spring and summer days, Rosé wines are popularly used as aperitifs to spice up the special occasion. But, Rosé wine has so much more to offer than just being the elegant light pink decoration at the table. This delightful drink can be the perfect match for every type of food and occasion. If your favorite drink is Rosé wine then you should combine the organic Chateau Miraval Rosé 2020 coming from Provence, France, with light summer salads, fried fish, aged hard cheeses , spicy chicken and pork, shellfish, as well as veggie dishes. For all seafood lovers should try the Italian Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2020 paired with fresh seafood, grilled fish and sushi. Rosé de Purcari 2020 makes a unique pair with Mediterranean snacks including avocado and egg crisps, hummus, spicy red lentil dip, nuts and seeds, bean salad, and Mediterranean pizza, flavored cheese and fish dishes.


Red Wine Food Pairings

Pinot Noir

Popularly known as the light-bodied red wine, with a super-tasty blend of strawberry, red cherry and raspberry flavors. The highest quality Pinot Noir comes from the French Burgundy where the cool climate adds special freshness and finesse. If Burgundy Pinot Noir is your favorite, then you should combine Domaine Humbert Freres Bourgogne Rouge 2017 with roasted veggies, rich fish, white and cured meat, salmon and chicken dishes, hard and creamy cheeses and earthier vegetables such as mushrooms.




Medium-bodied, full-flavored red wine made from merlot grapes blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. Merlot is the classic Bordeaux wine, characteristic for its earthy, mineral and spicy notes, along with fruity, cherry and plum flavors. It makes mouthwatering pairing with roasted veggies and white, red and cured meat. Meanwhile,  Merlot made in Napa Valley,California- Duckhorn Napa Valley Merlot or Columbia Valley, Washington- L`Ecole No.41 Columbia Valley Merlot 2018 has richer and riper taste, making the perfect match with juicy steaks, stews, barbecue ribs.



Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense, bold red wine with powerful and complex texture that can age for decades. Cabernet Sauvignon has rich fruit flavors which complement perfectly with steaks, lamb, venison and burgers. If you want a quality yet affordable cab, choose DAOU Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 and pair it with steak or roast lamb. Another delicious match makes Chateau Purcari Negru de Purcari Limited Edition 2018 with burgers, stuffed, grilled or baked mushrooms, hard cheeses like cheddar or gorgonzola.



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