Winter Clothes for Busy Mums

Today- Winter Clothes for Busy Mums

Over the last week or two I have started to always have socks on, my dressing gown at the ready int he mornings and once or twice we have had the heating on. Yes, most definitely, the weather is turning.

I am always a bit rubbish at preparing for a change in season. My daughter still has sundresses in her drawer and my son put shorts on-the other day. By the time I get summer clothes put away Christmas is nearly upon us!

I definitely am in need of some new warm clothes.

I do love clothes shopping. I like to take a really good look at what is out there and really think about what will work well with what I already have. It’s being thrifty I suppose I really d o like to browse and get something that is just right. I am pretty time limited though so catalogue or online browsing work well for me.

I have been having a look at K&Co and I shall I show you my picks for the chillier days

I really like the biker boots designs at K&Co I have a hard time buying boots as a non leather wearing veggie but am in love with these man made boots. They also come in brown and look so warm and snugly with their fake fur lining.

I am so loving this gorgeous duffle cardi it looks so cosy!

This costs £44 and would get lots of wear. I would probably use this a bit like a coat on milder days I  think.

Not convinced I could wear these with confidence but I do like these reindeer leggings , don’t they look fun and comfy. £20


A onesie would keep me warmer at night  reckon. These cost £37 for 2)

There you go my seasons shop completed in just 10 minutes. I wouldn’t even be at the bus stop by now if I tried to do it offline. K&Co. is great. Packed full of lovely items for the coming season and a really easy site to navigate

There are options with K&co to buy now pay later or pay certain amounts weekly. This can be very useful to some people.  I think it’s important you are smart and sensible with money if you can ever going to take out deferred payment schemes.



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Winter Clothes for Busy Mums post was written in collaboration with K&Co.


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