Winter Weather Woes And Oh No’s


Winter Weather Woes

Well, it’s that time of year again, and if you were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of snow, you’re not the only one! Unfortunately, as pretty and festive as this type of weather is, it can create a serious issue for homeowners. It can lead to power outages, problems with the roof and trouble staying warm through the winter months, not to mention flooding. Let’s look at each of these issues in turn and make sure that you know how to deal with them effectively.


Oh No The Roof Is Leaking!



You might find that there’s a hole in your roof. It won’t bother you through the summer season, but when winter rolls around, things can get rather unpleasant. The first sign is usually a stain appearing on your ceiling. It will start to slowly get quite dark, and unfortunately, this tends to be water pushing down on the ceiling, dripping in from the hole in the roof. If you notice a problem like this, it’s best to call an expert in like PH Roofing. They’ll be able to quickly fix the problem for you and make sure that your roof doesn’t end up getting worse.


Even if you don’t notice a problem like this, it’s highly recommended that you get your roof checked out before winter. The best way to avoid any damage is to make sure that any holes or issues are fixed as soon as possible.


Electricity Woes As The Wind Blows




Of course, we don’t just get heavy rain and snow through the winter months. The high winds can knock down the electric lines, and if you don’t want to spend the festive season without power, you might want to think about purchasing a backup battery for your home. Or in other words, an emergency power generator. While these are expensive, it’s nothing to make sure you can look smug when your home is the only one still lit during a blackout. Although, you may want to be careful because once they notice your home isn’t pitch black, they might pop round for a hot dinner. Backup generators for homes can cost a few thousand, and you do need to make sure you buy from a trusted supplier.


Oh No, The Garden Is Flooded!


That could happen after a heavy snowfall when it starts to melt. If permeability is low in your backyard, the water will just hang around like a small lake close to your home. Not so bad then, just an aesthetic issue? Actually, no because the water will also build up underground, pushing against the foundations of your home. So, if you have a basement, you could start to see issues with damp here.


Woe Is Me, I Can’t Keep Warm



If you find that no matter how high you turn up the heating you can’t keep warm, there’s an issue with your insulation. It’s an easy fix though. Just invest in some thicker curtains and then in the spring be sure to invest in triple glazing windows. You’ll certainly notice the difference they bring next winter.

We hope this helps you avoid those winter woes and oh no’s.

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