Wish I was there

Do you ever look back over a holiday and think…..wish I was there? I know I do.

buckets, wish i was there


Here we are last summer on holiday in Great Yarmouth having so much fun. We stopped in a rickety caravan and  the sun did not shine very much. But we laughed and giggled and splashed and played and we had a wonderful time all together.

We made sandcastles and played ball, we ate ice-creams and buried daddy in the sand. I love this daft, happy, fun picture of the kids just mucking about. Perfect. I love to see them so happy.

In the cold winter months it’s so lovely to look back at summer holidays and let the warm memories wash over you.

We love the seaside and good old fashioned family holidays.

Wish I was there today.

This is our entry into the Alfresco  holidays Wish I was there  photo competition


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