Work clothing and how it saves us money

Do you have a uniform or work clothes for your job?

I’ve only had work uniforms twice. Once when working in a department store restaurant and once working as a care assistant in a nursing home.


I can tell you I was indeed extremely pleased to not be wearing my own clothes in either of these jobs. In the restaurant the smells and spills from the food would have ruined my clothes completely. In the nursing hone  there were all sorts of cleaning and personal care jobs to do and I was just so glad I wasn’t wearing my regular clothes they really would have been spoilt.

I once had a job working with horses and so wish there had been some kind of uniform or work clothes available. Whilst I had jodhpurs my own t-shirts and jumpers really got wrecked working there and it was a shame. I was often there 3 times a week so having special clothes for this didn’t always work.


Work clothes save us money. Fact. They also help identity who staff are which can be so useful for customers of course and save a great deal of confusion.

There are some really nice work wear outfits available nowdays (far away from my nylon press stuff dress form the restaurant days.

If your work doesn’t provide work clothes but you think it would help you save money and look more professional why not suggest it.

Aprons and other work clothes shown are from work clothes specialist They sell a range of work wear and accessories from high vis jackets to body warmers and aprons to hygienist outfits. Their work wear is good value and of great quality. 



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