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Fed up with the typical 9-5? Becoming increasingly frustrated with the rush hour commute to and from work? Are you constantly going beyond the call of duty for your boss, but never getting any recognition or praise for your efforts? Have you been planning to take that all inclusive holiday, but haven’t been able to afford it? It could be time to consider a career change. Believe it or not, you can earn a very good living from home, and not have to deal with a boss who takes credit for your work whilst blaming you for their mistakes. Below are a couple of ideas of how you can become your own boss and really take control of your earning potential.




If you are personable, have good negotiating skills, and don’t mind hard graft or long hours; this could be the field for you. There are companies who will hire you to work from home on a self-employed basis, or you could set up shop all by yourself. You will need to be able to network effectively and build strong relationships. Your income may be a little slow to begin with until you’ve built up a good client base, but once you have a strong reputation, the work (and the money) will just start rolling in. Your job is effectively as a “middle-man” between a company (the client) and a job hunter (the candidate). The client pays you to do the legwork and initial interviews, and the candidate expects you to sell them into jobs and interviews they might not otherwise manage on their own. It’s a tough job though, as you are dealing with people; and people can be fickle and changeable. You may well have a job offer for a perfect candidate, an almost guaranteed fee of thousands. But out of the blue, your candidate decides to take another job you knew nothing about. This is a tough job for tough people, but if you can stick with it, the earning potential could change your life.


Car Sales

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this could be an ideal opportunity for you if you know your way around an engine bay, or are close friends with someone who does. Buying cars which require work for a low price, fixing them up, and selling them on for profit is a great way of gaining a decent income if you can do the fixing on the cheap. Being able to buy parts for trade prices, or doing all the time-consuming labour yourself, can make you a lot of money when it comes to selling the car on to a potential buyer. Just remember that you may need motor traders insurance to cover yourself and your customers for any liabilities, especially when taking the all-important test drive. If you have plenty of storage or can rent the facilities, you could even make a decent amount of money buying scrap cars and stripping them for parts. A basic tool kit and an eBay account could be all you need to turn a huge profit on someone else’s junk.


There are numerous other ways of earning money from home, so even if these ideas don’t seem quite your cup of tea, there’s still a chance for you to escape the daily grind and jump into the driver’s seat of your career.


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