Would Lord Sugar be impressed with today’s SAHM?

I know since the recession hit a few years ago many people have flirted with the idea of starting up on their own in business. Many of my female friends who were busy taking care of their kids  and who had stopped work whilst doing so have felt pressure to start earning money too alongside being stay at home mums. They have bought franchises, started small craft businesses, wrote books and one even started up as a children’s entertainer. Definitely smart, savvy and entrepreneurial.

These women had no previous business skills but I seriously think they would impress Lord Sugar!  I think modern day women have a few things in their favour though when it comes to starting a business. I think being business minded is far easier than it used to be.

If you had asked me 10 years ago about business  I would have sworn it was just not something I would be interested in or capable of. Now I have successfully run 2 businesses and I am very confident in my abilities (mostly!)


Times have changed!


Being tech savvy is a huge advantage to being able to start a new business. In an instant you can find out about projects like Business Link who advise businesses, companies like  Hitachi capital who can financially support new businesses. You can explore your competitors. you can research price guides, You can build a virtual store, blog to showcase your ideas, find like minded communities etc. etc. The Internet is an AMAZING, speedy, don’t need to leave home resource  for anyone wanting to start out in business . I have no ideas how long things took beforehand.

No longer are connections about the old school tie or who you know. Women are often awesome and very experienced communicators and they can build vast networks on the web so quickly.  They also help each other a lot. Once a woman I had never met helped me for hours with a facebook problem. I love this woman. She listens to and praises me up for all my podcasts. She is blooming awesome. (Her name’s Ruth and she is fabulous blogger, lots of curly hair and a big smile and she goes by the name of @geekmummy – what a star!) Business allies can simply be other women with who you share a commonality. Its amazing how much support goes on online. Informal mentoring, shared contacts, shared book agents, groups with common goals, business mums carnivals and google hangouts, oh yes indeed. Sisters are doing it for themselves,

So Lord Sugar what do you reckon? Are us mums who need to earn some extra money whilst trying to raise our kids showing the kind of spirit need for business. I think we are and really think you’d be extremely impressed. Forget the Young Apprentice….next up on TV should be the Stay at Home Mum Apprentice.

We’d knock their socks off!



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