Yankee Candle Advent Calender

What can I tell you about the Yankee candle advent calender? It is supremely LUSH! Just the nicest advent calender ever.  I never get one these days  so it is just lovely to have one! I have only peeked behind one square so far to find a delicious smelling tealight, but I strongly suspect an avalanche of lovely fragrances await me.


There are of course 24 candles in this advent Calender and it really is gorgeous. At £21.99 the loo roll version of an advent calender that I showed last week does come in cheaper but it’ll never smell like this one!

Absolutely heavenly and a lovely way to count down Advent.


Look at all these gorgeous Christmassy candles they have too. I think if you hare having an artificial tree (which is a good long term money savour) a bit of Christmassy scent is called. for. There is up to 50% off these candles at yankee candles at the moment.


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