You Don’t Need To Spend Lots To Make A Difference

If you’re wanting to renovate, or even just make a few changes to your home but you’re struggling to find the money then fear not. You don’t need to be spending hundreds to make a difference to your home. There are plenty of things you can do to transform it, without actually even spending a penny. If you’re already intrigued, then take a read for tips on how you can make a difference.


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A lot of us won’t admit to being a hoarder, but a lot of us in fact are hoarders. So much space can be filled in a home full of things that either aren’t being used, or aren’t needed at the time. It can really make a difference to your room if you clear it out. There’s a few steps you can do in this instance. The first being the separation. You’re most likely hoarding because you can’t bring yourself to let go of what you’re keeping. Moms especially are the worse at hoarding items of clothing, toys etc. that their children have outgrown. If you’re not prepared to get rid of such items, you could look into storage options. You never know, if you have another child come along you might be able to reuse some of the toys. Check out the options at Safestore Self Storage if you feel like you can make use of the storage. The next thing you could think of doing is making a little money from what you’ve got. If you know you’re never going to use it again then take the stuff to a carboot sale, or sell it on the internet. You’ll most likely have collected tonnes of things in your time that could give you a lot of money if you sell.


Change The Layout

Literally one of the simplest things you can do, but the power it has with regards to changing to whole feel of a room is amazing. Just move things around a little and find a new way that you like. Even if it’s just switching one sofas position, it’ll still make it feel newer than beforehand. This also works perfectly for the bedroom. Switching the positions of your chest of draws, bed, bedside table etc will give you that new feel you need so bad.


Out With The Old

Literally, getting out with the old is what you need to do in some instance. We’ve all had that one bedroom that’s got broken slats and a cracked headboard, or perhaps your sofa is full of more stains or scratches than you care to admit. This is where getting something new involved is perfect. You don’t necessarily need to go brand new either. There are plenty of second hand stores and charity shops that sell near enough brand new furniture. Some of it won’t have even been sold, it will be display furniture. See if you can grab yourself a bargain if you can’t afford a new one. Alternatively, you could look into pay monthly options that some stores offer.


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