You Want These 6 Romantic Gifts This Valentine’s Day

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These serviceable trifles are fine supplements to a more memorable “main event” gift, for instance

The question is, does your guy know what sort of “main event” you want?

It’s okay to hint that you’d like a bit of indulgence, just so long as you understand that it really is the underlying thought that counts. Take a look at these six ultra-romantic gifts that make for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.


  1. A Photo Shoot for Two

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a full-length album is worth a classical epic. Tempt your man to hire a professional photographer for a proper studio shoot — just the two of you. Or tour your hometown for on-location shots at the places that matter most to your relationship: where you first met, kissed, proposed.


  1. A Rose That Lasts Forever

Truly clever men know not to bother with Valentine’s Day roses, charming as they are. They spring for a more durable Valentine’s Day flower that lasts years or decades from harvest. This gold-encased rose truly lives up to its name, standing as an immutable reminder of the love you share today and always.


  1. The Perfect Care Package

Who doesn’t love a workday surprise? Only you know what’s in your ideal care package. Hopefully, your significant other is observant enough to piece together the hints you’ve dropped. Savvy guys know to time delivery for maximum effect, when your colleagues can’t help but notice what’s arrived.


  1. An Outdoor Emblem of Your Love

For many couples, etching initials into a tree or wooden railing — with or without a big, sloppy heart outlined round — is the ultimate “natural” expression of enduring love.


There’s a better way, one that doesn’t involve harming a living thing or leaving a lasting mark on an outdoor fixture that may or may not belong to you. It’s a personalized garden stone — or two, if you prefer the “his and hers” approach. Place your stone(s) conspicuously in your garden or window ledge and leave them be. Unlike the rest of your horticultural collection, they won’t require any tending.


  1. A “Pamper Box”

Even if you’re not the indulgent type, surely you appreciate the occasional spa day, afternoon pamper session, or drawn-out bath. Maybe it’s even something the two of you could enjoy together? Nudge him toward the right mix of oils, bath products, and personal care items by displaying and using examples in the bedroom and bathroom.


  1. A Getaway for Two

Whether it’s a rustic camping trip or a weekend at a five-star resort, a just-for-you getaway is the perfect time to kindle (or rekindle) romance. Bonus points for destinations with special meaning, like the first trip taken as a couple.


It’s Okay to Hint

While you shouldn’t control what gifts your guy gives this Valentine’s Day, you can certainly nudge him gently in the right direction. In fact, many guys appreciate a little help. Don’t be afraid to drop hints well in advance of the big day — as soon as the holiday gift-giving rush passes, or even earlier if you hold out hope for a truly unforgettable reward. If he’s truly worthy, he won’t disappoint.


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