10 Best Interior Design Trends for 2024

Interior Design Trends for 2024 are stunning!

As we step into a new year, 2024 brings a fresh wave of interior design trends that cater to both style and functionality. In this article, interior design and wood wall panelling experts The Wood Veneer Hub take a closer look at the key trends set to shape the design landscape for our homes in the year ahead.



Interior Design Trends for 2024


Interior Design Trends for 2024

Here are 10 of the best!


Versatile and Modular Living

One noteworthy trend set to take hold in 2024 revolves around the growing emphasis on versatile living spaces, driven by the surging popularity of modular furniture. Designers are acknowledging the multifunctional nature of our homes, which serve as venues for family gatherings and adapt to work-from-home arrangements. Consequently, they are gravitating towards furniture that can be easily reconfigured to cater to diverse needs. This approach not only makes practical sense but also aligns with sustainability objectives, enabling furniture to evolve along with changing lifestyles.


The Renaissance of Stone Elegance

The new year welcomes the resurgence of stone table tops, seamlessly fusing enduring elegance with resilience. A variety of options, including classic selections like Carrara and Travertine, as well as richer marbles like Toronto and Rosso, are making their presence felt. The distinctive veining and enduring qualities of these materials introduce a hint of opulence and lasting appeal to interior environments.


The Curve Appeal in Interior Design Trends for 2024

Continuing a trend from previous years, curved furniture maintains its strong presence in 2024. Curved sofas and chairs, known for their comfort and graceful design, remain at the forefront of creating welcoming and serene living spaces. This trend signifies a shift towards designs that prioritise both comfort and aesthetic elegance, enhancing the overall ambiance of your home.


Warm Minimalism: A Balanced Approach

Warm minimalism is gaining ground as a significant design approach for 2024. It entails the creation of serene and functional spaces by harmoniously blending minimalistic design with a warm and inviting atmosphere. This trend resonates with the growing preference for interiors that foster mindfulness and tranquillity, achieved through uncluttered yet snug aesthetics.


The Charm of Authenticity

Authenticity is progressively taking centre stage in the world of interior design. The attraction towards unique and character-rich spaces is growing, placing an emphasis on cherishing vintage treasures, artisanal craftsmanship, and personalised decor. This trend is dedicated to the creation of interiors that go beyond mere style, serving as narratives that express the individual stories and identities of those who dwell within.


Sustainability at the Forefront

Remaining in harmony with the ongoing dedication to environmental awareness, sustainable and reclaimed materials maintain their pivotal role in 2024. Designers are pushing the boundaries by incorporating materials such as recycled denim and reclaimed bricks from demolition projects. This innovation not only lessens the environmental footprint but also introduces a unique aesthetic dimension to interior spaces.


Quiet Luxury: The Anti-Trend

An intriguing new ‘anti-trend’ known as “quiet luxury” is making its mark – and looks set to continue to do so in the new year. This philosophy is grounded in the ideals of timelessness, harmony, and understated opulence, placing a premium on quality and craftsmanship rather than relying on brand recognition. It harmoniously aligns with the sustainability ethos by prioritising materials and designs intended to endure the test of time.


Creative Curtain Concepts

As we reach 2024, curtains are in the midst of a transformation, stepping beyond their traditional window-dressing role. They now serve as stylish room dividers, introducing layers of texture and warmth into living spaces. This innovative curtain approach epitomises the broader trend towards versatile and multifunctional design elements.


2 More ideas I would like to add to this list are …


Textured walls

No more high gloss, wall texture is the way forward in 2024, think silk, brickwork, rough stone work etc,  “People want some action to their surfaces,” adds Los Angeles designer Oliver Furth.


Artisanal living in Interior Design Trends for 2024

 Quality over quantity and handmade skill over manmade,  this is the time for art to shine. 



The very best interior design trends 2024 reflect our evolving lifestyles and values.

They underscore a shift towards adaptable, sustainable, and deeply personal living spaces. These trends highlight the industry’s commitment to creating environments that are not only visually pleasing but also enrich our daily lives. As we embrace these trends, we are stepping into a future where our homes become more than just places to live; they become spaces that resonate with our individual stories and sustainable values.


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