9 reasons why it is good to walk

Since Christmas I have been a regular walker, at least a mile or two  at a time up to 3 times a week. Sometimes even further and I am working myself up to walking a marathon next year…well that is my plan. I feel that walking has been excellent for me.

I have a paralysed diaphragm and 50 % lung capacity so high energy sports are out of my ability range but walking is rather fabulous and has bought me many benefits.




Go Walk from Skechers

Here are 9 reasons why its good to walk

You need very little equipment

A good pair of supportive and comfy shoes to walk in and some loose fitting comfy clothes will make walking easier (and maybe a high vis jacket at night) but that really is all you need.

It is better for the environment

If we all took short walks to our local shops or places of work or to take our kids to school wherever and wherever we could what an impact this would have on the environment. Getting used to walking has encouraged me to leave my car at home much more and I am aware this is much better for our world.

You look  with fresh eyes

Walking really helps you really see the world around you.  As you stroll along you will notice things you don’t normally pause to see like an unusually shaped cloud, the sky or a birds nest ..it brings the wonder back to the world around you. Even if you are walking in a more urban area nature will peek out at you from a tiny windflower through a pavement crack. Magical stuff.

Walking is really good for your health

Regular walking habit slashes the risk of type 2 diabetes by around 60 percent, and you’re 20 percent less likely to develop cancer of the colon, breast or womb with an active hobby such as walking  (source) Now that is well worth knowing and doing something about!

Walking is great for your general fitness

It give you  strong legs and a strong heart,  helps burn off calories, increases stamina all without putting undue stress on joints…just fabulous.

Walking is good for your emotional health

Time away from screens, in fresh air, to ponder and reflect has to be good for your well being. I always feel walking is like a lovely pause button in my day and rather than feeling tired it always leaves me feeling mentally refreshed  and emotionally calm.

Walking is free

And not many things are these days, are they! So good to have a free hobby you can enjoy at any time no matter what your finances.

Walking can be very social

I have to walk on my own as I have learned I really cannot walk and talk as I have no breath left if I do !  But walking is a lovely thing to do with your children or your partner, your friends or older family members. Unlike lots of sports walking really is for everyone of any age or ability and can be such a lovely way to catch up with people and have some really quality time together.

You will feel more energised

Walking boosts circulation and increases oxygen supply to the cells in your body and as a result you will feel more energised and be more efficient.

Walking is pretty fabulous right! It has certainly made a big difference to my health and well being over the last few months and I would highly recommend it.

good to walk

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