14 Dangers of not having a Mobile Connectivity on an Outdoor Trip

You’re travelling the world on an outdoor trip, camping in lush green forests, hiking on mountains and exploring the seas. And you’ve decided to take your mobile phone with you to document everything using photos, videos and to keep in touch with your loved ones.

However, being away from civilization is no guarantee that you’ll have mobile connectivity all the time. What if your phone runs out of signals and because of no o2 signal you lose connectivity? Here’s what you can expect:


Dangers of not having a Mobile Connectivity



  1. You’ll miss the last bus

You’re out exploring the seas on a boat, cruising on an island, timing it just right to catch the last ferry back. You reach the harbour just in time to see the ferry pull away. Since there is no communication, you’re stranded at the island and will have to spend another night camping here.


  1. You’ll miss a call from an old friend

You receive a call from your long lost friend whom you haven’t spoken to in years — she’s coming to town and wants to catch up with you. You miss the call because your phone dies, and she can’t reach you on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger either since there is no connectivity.


  1. You’ll get lost in an unknown city

You’re new to the city but don’t feel like paying for expensive GPS services on your cab. Since it’s night time and the roads are poorly lit, you can’t make out street names or road signs. You end up getting lost in the maze, spending precious time finding your way back to the hotel instead of relaxing with a cup of coffee after a tiring day.


  1. You’ll miss important calls from work

You’re excited about your trip but you can’t ignore work completely. So you take your phone along, but lose connectivity on the mountains. You get several calls from clients whom you miss because of no mobile network. This results in missing deals that could have potentially made you more than what you spent on the trip.


  1. You’ll miss an important email

Your client sends over an email that has the contract attached in it — you don’t receive it because there is no mobile connection. You end up losing a lucrative deal and all your efforts in the last few months go down the drain.


  1. You’ll miss an important call from home

Since you’re not reachable on your phone, your family back at home gets worried. They make several frantic calls but to no avail. You miss important time with your family back home because you’re out travelling, trying to capture the perfect shot on your phone.



Dangers of not having a Mobile Connectivity


  1. You’ll lose all of your photos and videos

You spend the entire day exploring a beautiful island off the coast of some county, capturing photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

You’re excited about sharing these photos with your friends and family, but when you switch on your phone, all you see is an empty screen. Your entire trip gets documented through your eyes, but not in the way you had wished for because of no mobile connectivity.


  1. You’ll lose contact with other people on the trip

You’re out on the seas, cruising through the sunset with some of your best friends. You can’t stay in touch with them because you don’t have mobile connectivity. All you see is an empty phone screen and since there’s no signal, you lose contact with everyone for hours.


  1. You’ll miss taking photos of wild animals

You’re on a safari, spotting wild animals in the forest. You can’t capture these moments on your phone because there’s no mobile network to share with. To make matters worse, you miss out on posting your sightings on Instagram since you don’t have internet connectivity either.


  1. You’ll get lost in the woods

Your car breaks down in the middle of a lonely forest while you’re taking a weekend trip to the countryside. Since there are no mobile towers or Wi-Fi, you can’t call for help. You spend hours trying to solve the problem, hoping that someone will come by with some spare parts to get your vehicle running again.


  1. You won’t be able to share your trip with others

You spend months planning an adventurous expedition across mountains and deserts. You don’t want to miss out on sharing these experiences with your friends and family, but since you only have limited data, every time you post something on Facebook or Instagram, your phone alerts you of the impending end of the internet.


  1. You’ll be stranded without food

You’re on a long drive and run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Since you can’t call anyone or use GPS, you’re stranded without food for hours. By the time help comes, it’s late in the night and all you can think about is your hunger pangs until you get back to sanity.


  1. You’ll be stranded without fuel

Your car runs out of gas just when you’re near the petrol pump. Since there are no mobile towers around, you can’t call for help and have to wait it out for hours – your car running on empty because you don’t have any fuel in it.

Dangers of not having a Mobile Connectivity

  1. You’ll be stranded without shelter

You’re on a trekking expedition and the weather starts to turn bad. It’s already 5 pm and there’s no mobile network around, so you can’t call for help. The rain gets heavier by the minute and you don’t have any shelter to take refuge under. All that you can do now is hope that someone comes by soon enough to take you out of the woods.

Having mobile connectivity is a must if you are on an outdoor trip. Mobile signal boosters are the only way and you should keep them handy when you are out exploring the world.


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