3 Tips for Muslim Parents in the Internet Age

In today’s day and age, remaining in connection with one’s faith seems especially difficult. There are so many distractions made available by the times that we live in, and there are so many temptations as well. Staying rooted in Islam and remaining true to its tenets are hard enough for oneself, but couple that with raising good Muslim children and the challenge grows exponentially. Truly, how does one raise one’s children to be good Muslims when they are surrounded by so many things that would seemingly pull them away from God?

If this is a challenge that you face, then you’ve come to the right article on the internet. Here are some ways that you can still be a good Muslim parent and raise your children well in the faith, and even make use of the tools of our time to do so.


Use Technology to Deepen Your Faith

Not everything about the time that we live in is bad or seeks to weaken our belief in Islam. In fact, some of the current technology can even help us deepen it. Muslim Pro is a good example of this. This is an app that installs in most smartphones and is designed with functionalities suitable for those of the Islamic faith. The Muslim Pro app includes features like reminders and alarms for prayer times, virtual prayer beads, and versions of the Quran in more than 40 languages.

Part of being a good parent in this day and age is teaching our children how to use apps like this to breathe life into their faith and bring themselves closer to God. While playing video games and watching videos are definitely fun activities, parents should also show their children that the tools that we have available to us today can do more than simply fill in our free time.

Naturally, this means being good examples to them as well. Parents should themselves know how to use technology to deepen their own faith. Become familiar with tools, like mosque locators, restaurant guides that help diners find halal cuisine, and appropriate websites to visit to study the Quran, and share these with your children.

And speaking of websites…


Choose an Internet Provider Who Can Block Objectionable Content

The internet is such a rich resource and so full of almost every kind of information that it’s only natural that children, curious and energetic as they are, would be interested in exploring it. As mentioned earlier, there are definitely many resources online that will help children grow up to be responsible, well-adjusted adults who are a benefit to the communities they find themselves a part of. However, it’s unfortunate that there seem to be just as many websites that indulge in depravity and licentiousness, polluting the internet with content that is offensive and objectionable to decent people of any faith.

Naturally, parents would want to shield their children from this kind of content, and luckily, this is relatively easy to do. Simply select an internet service provider with the capability to block certain IP addresses and certain websites from being accessed while your kids are on your Wi-Fi. If choices for a provider are limited in your area, look into installing custom firmware or IP blocking software on your home’s router. This will prevent your kids from being able to access sites with content that they should not be consuming.


Seek Offline Opportunities to Bond with Your Child

The best way to raise your child to be a good Muslim and a good person is by investing time and attention into your relationship with them. Find ways to engage with them and spend time with them away from screens and devices. There are an almost infinite number of things you can do with your child while away from the internet. Try as many of these as you can and see which activities are good for you.

Also, make it a point to pray together. Try to do it at least once every day, and make Fridays a special day for your family to be together with the rest of your community. Praying together deepens both your relationship with God and with one another. If your child sees you being devout and molds themself in your example, they will definitely grow up the right way.

Being a parent is definitely a huge undertaking, but no one ever said taking on the responsibility of forming the next generation of leaders of our world would ever be easy. The simple reality is that, as parents, there is only so much that can be done to protect our children from everything in the world that might harm them or cause them to make poor choices. The best we can do is lay a solid foundation built on trust and a sense of community, and hope that this is enough to carry our children through to an adulthood that they can be proud of.




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