4 Top Budget Entertainment Shows and Concerts in the North of England

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Whether you are a student looking to plan a budget vacation for your summers or a family who wants to benefit from maximum activities at an affordable price, budget entertainment options can be difficult to find. Several people vacationing either locally or outside their country of residence usually are on the look for deals and packages, which are not so heavy on their wallets. Trying to keep the whole family entertained and engaged during trips can be difficult since children have a small span of interest and they can get easily bored from a set of activities. At the same time, you are also looking to spend some quality time with the family but in an affordable manner.

This calls for looking at budget entertainment, shows and concerts that take place across the North of England. You might be amazed at how many places there are that you might not have explored. Each county in the North of England is famous to hold different festivities, local concerts and shows that can keep the whole family engaged and captivated. You can get to all of these destinations quickly, affordably and safely by train. The cost of train tickets will vary depending on your departure destination, but you can usually save by booking in advance. Here are four top budget entertainment, shows and concerts in the North of England that you can consider:

1. Cheshire Craft Workshop

Cheshire Craft Workshops provide an array of services that will keep your little ones entertained while you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing lunch or snack at their Chandlers Cafe. Let your children go wild with their imagination in Cheshire’s Craft Workshop where they can create their very own masterpieces. There is a range of activities targeted to all ages of children which include pottery painting, key-ring, sand art and badge making. If they get tired of playing with their imagination, hop over to the Candle Workshop and let their creative juices flow as design their own candles from various choices of coloured waxes. Apart from this, they have an activity package, which you can inquire about.

2. Life Science Centre

This is a fun filled centre, which not only allows your children to learn a thing or two about science but also provides programmes, which include science activities, which are for all ages from pre-schoolers to adults. It is the best facility to take children for an insightful experience as their school trip or group visit. During winters, they also open their gates to ice skating and outdoor ice rink. Let your children explore the different areas of the centre as you enjoy other adult oriented games and activities.

3. Wacky Warehouse Chesterway

This is an indoor air-conditioned adventure play area where your kids can burn off energy and build an appetite for the family restaurant. Children at the age of 6 months to 10 years are entertained with its multi level featured play area that consists of tunnels and bridges, ball pits and slides. There is a separate play zone for children that are below the age of three with appropriate challenging tasks for their age. The warehouse also includes an arts and crafts session and for adults there is an outdoor beer garden that might be of interest to you.

4. Free Attractions in Newcastle

In order to enjoy the live and buzzing culture of Newcastle you can enjoy some free attractions in Newcastle. Take a visit to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, which is considered the number one tourist destination in Newcastle. It showcases some of the most influential and magnificent pieces of art. You can also considering hanging out the ‘hippest street’ in Britain. How is that so? Well South Shore Road on which the art gallery Baltic Centre sits on what was titled in the last year as Google’s Street View Awards. You can also marvel at the Sage Gateshead, which is a stunning glass music hall. You can leisurely enjoy a picnic at Jesmond Dene, which is a vast city parkland. Visit the Tynemouth market, which has a bustling flea market filled with wondrous things that will leave you stunned. Visit




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