4 Ways to Save Money For Amazon Firestick Users

These days people have turned off their cables and turned to live-streaming devices like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. 

But, it turns out that these OTT platforms cost more than cables. Sooner or later, you will realise that you are at a loss after switching your cable. 

However, there are methods by which you can save money while streaming on these OTT platforms too. Read on to learn about some tips to save money. 


Ways to Save Money For Amazon Firestick Users

Four Tips to Save Money

There are several ways by which you can save your money even after using an Amazon Firestick, which includes all the OTT platforms. 

  • Figure Out the Services Which You Can Unsubscribe From 

This is a simple yet challenging tip to adopt: You can unsubscribe from any one of your streaming services. This could be the one that you use the least. 

You need to identify the app you use the least and then just simply cut it off from your subscription list. 

For instance, if you are using Apple TV and have already watched all the famous shows, keeping it any longer is useless. 

You can just let it go and save at least $5 per month. Although it won’t cause much of a difference, you’ll at least be able to save, which will mark a start. 

Also, if you fear missing out, you can reassure yourself by telling it that you can re-subscribe to the streaming platform at any time. 


  • Choose VPNs and Other Basic Subscriptions

You can go for subscriptions that are not so expensive. There are a lot of services that cost more if you wish to remove the commercials. You should, for once, try to bear with those commercials if you want to save more. 

For instance, Paramount Plus asks for $10 if you want an ad-free stream. But if you are willing to endure the commercials, you need to pay only a minimal amount of $5. This way, you save money. 

You can even go for highly rated VPNs to save money. VPNs allow you to watch content from different locations in the world. For instance, some unavailable shows in your region might be available on Netflix UK or Netflix Australia.  


  • Planning your Binges

The best thing about the streaming apps available on the Firestick is that you can unsubscribe to them anytime you wish to. 

You can do this when you’ve completely exhausted the app by binge-watching your favourite TV shows and movies. You can even re-subscribe after a while. 

Instead of waiting for the next episode, you can wait for the whole series to release, and in the time being, you can save money on the subscription. 

This is why one shouldn’t subscribe to a streaming app for a long period, even if they are on a discount. 

You should instead subscribe to the app in a period when it is high in demand. This will help you to save more efficiently. For saving on a serious note, you can rotate the subscription schedule. Instead of using various streaming apps, just choose one of them. 

Subscribe to one app at a time which you need the most. Then after a while, you can switch it to another OTT platform. This way you can save a lot. 

For instance, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for a month, Netflix for the next month, Hulu for the next, etc. 


  • Ditching Live TV

One of the most famous streaming services includes YouTube TV, which can almost cost up to $65 per month. This can be a lot for a person. Apps like Hulu and Sling can also go up to $70 and $35. If you are presently paying for a live TV too, it is high time you reconsider. 

Firstly, you should ponder upon your live TV requirements. After you’ve analysed the period for that, you should decide for yourself. There are many options like Pluto, CBSN stream live news, etc., which can fill up the gap for your live TV news. 

If not this, then you can go for Philo. Philo allows you to access up to 60 channels per month at a minimal price of $25. This is highly feasible for an average person. 

You can try using an antenna too to get local TV stations. You won’t be able to record, but access to airwaves would be free. 


Final Thoughts

To save money, you should simultaneously minimise the use of different streaming apps. You can go for one app at a time. 

To access live TV, you should switch to local antennas rather than going for cables which will cost more. Binge-watching on a single app would be more likeable.


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