5 Ways to Prevent Serious Damage to Your Car

A car is not just a convenience, it’s practically a necessity in many cities. Due to the high cost of cars today, no one wants to have their car damaged. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your car well-maintained and safe. Good maintenance can help you avoid accidents. Good maintenance also prevents future damage to your car. When you’re buying car parts, look for reputable manufacturers that produce high-quality parts with a good warranty.


Prevent Serious Damage to Your Car


Warning Signs: Look Out for Radiator Leaks

When your radiator stops working, it can be damaging to other parts of the engine. Watch for signs of coolant leaks, a sweet smell, a rising temperature gauge or liquid under your vehicle, to take care of the system before it creates bigger problems. Driving with a bad radiator can cause your engine to overheat, which is going to cost even more in repairs.


Monitor Your Tires Wear & Tear

Tires are the only part of the car that touch the road, so it’s vitally important to keep them in good working order. When your tires lose tread, it’s more difficult to stop, putting your car and passengers in danger, especially in wet weather. Check tire tread every month. Look for signs of tire damage, cracks on the sidewall, uneven tread wear and vibrations when you drive. Replace tires when they’re past their lifespan.


Regular Oil Changes

An oil change might be the easiest of all regular maintenance tasks, but it’s very important. Ignoring oil changes can damage the engine, leaving you without a car while you make costly repairs. If you DIY an oil change, make sure to check all the fluid levels in the car, the belts and tire pressure, just like a mechanic would check certain systems on your ride. Keeping up with these items can reduce serious damage to your engine and keep you safer on the road, to avoid an accident and serious damage to your car.


Don’t Drive Distracted  

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. To keep your car from being in an accident, practice defensive driving. Keep your eyes, hands and ears on the road. Don’t eat while driving. Avoid arguments with passengers. Put your devices away or go hands-free. Everyone will be safer if more drivers set down any distractions when behind the steering wheel.


Brake Maintenance

The brake system might arguably be one of the most important parts of the vehicle pertaining to safety. Not being able to stop quickly is a real danger. Not only do you have to worry about your car being damaged, you have to worry about your passengers being injured when your brakes aren’t operating properly. Keep up with brake maintenance. Every 12,000 miles, at least annually, check the brake pads and fluid. Know the signs of wear and tear on the brakes. Don’t drive with bad brakes.

Borrow a tool, like this radiator pressure tester, for DIY car maintenance to prevent significant damage to your ride.


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