Pet GP A savvy way to save money on your pets health

Pet GP

I am so excited to tell you about Pet GP – The UK’s most trusted pet advice service.

save money on your pets, pet GP

I used to hate going to the vets with my cat, she would get so distressed and it used to cost me so much and so often the trip wasn’t needed.

Do you know the average vets bill is now £300 ?

Pet GP is a a brand new pet health advice service which aims to help pet owners avoid unnecessary trips to the vet, saving them time, money, and a stress for theie pet.

Doesn’t that sound absolutely brilliant?

Pet GP enables owners to speak to qualified vet nurses who can offer peace of mind by advising whether the pet in question needs to see a vet as a matter of urgency or whether, as is often the case, this is actually unnecessary.

It’s a bit like calling 111.


How pet GP can save you money

You can make one off calls at a cost of £12.50 or can subscribe for £4.50 per month.

It is believed that two out of three trips to the vets are unnecessary, so potentially the service can save owners £100s if not £1000s.  All the nurses at Pets GP nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), and you can talk to them any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

What a useful service.

Pet GP is brainchild of Vetfone which already provides the service to customers of leading pet insurers and charities. Vetfone took over 100,000 calls last year and have excellent credibility within the industry.

I love this money and stress saving idea!




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