Are You Prepared For a Boiler Breakdown or Roofing Disaster This Winter?

Are You Prepared For a Boiler Breakdown or Roofing Disaster This Winter?

A new survey, commissioned by Rubber4Roofs, suggests that UK households are falling short by nearly £720 on average, each year.

Housing experts suggest that homeowners save 1% of the value of their house each year, so when something does go wrong and needs repairing, they’re prepared to pay up, rather than putting something else on the credit card. On average, the homeowners of Britain put aside £1440 for repairs and maintenance.

Taking the average price of a house in the UK (£215,847), you can see that us Brits are falling far short of this figure.

Rubber4Roofs also asked whether first-time buyers preferred new builds, or older buildings.

58% responded with new builds, likely because repair and maintenance costs will be much
less than an older house!

In order, homeowners feared the following repairs most:

Roof repairs – 27.5%
– Plumbing problems – 26.5%
– Fixing foundations – 18.5%
– Removing mould – 17.5%
– Electrical issues – 7%
– Drain pipes – 3%

‘ It looks like Brits might have to start putting a little bit more away each month to ensure they’re covered for unforeseen repairs ,’ says Tom Cullingford, owner at Rubber4Roofs.
‘ There’s nothing worse than the headache of a major housing issue, coupled with the headache of trying to find the money to pay for it. But putting precautions in place, such as
installing rubber roofing, can save time and money in the long run.


Prepared For a Boiler Breakdown


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