Bring Back Family Game Night

monopoly, family game night

The lovely folks at Two Little Fleas sent my family a game to encourage us to enjoy a family game night. I chose Monopoly because I thought it fit beautifully with Family Budgeting (I like my kids to have a good grasp of money!)


I am a big believer in family games night. Board games are a really good value investment because they can last for hours, involve the whole family and be played again and again and again over years. I remember when we were kids our monopoly board being overused it had about 10 different lots of sellotape keeping the edges together,

We had lot of fun playing monopoly together though although bedtime came and went and we were still at it and I lost! which annoyed me way more than it should to my 9 year old son who had never played before. So much cheaper than the cinema or bowling and we can do it all again another day. Lots of lovely family time together too. Board games span generations.


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