Discover a taste of paradise to suit your budget in Majorca

A long time since I have been to Majorca but our guest post today makes it sound so tempting to find it possible to budget in Majorca and have a great holiday.

Sometimes it can be hard to justify to yourself that you and your family need a holiday, even as you can feel the stresses piling up and the weather at home continues to be grey and dreary. But with sunshine and fun for all the family just a short Jet2 flight away, finding a holiday to fit your budget has never been easier.

budget in Majorca

 Alcudia is a pretty little historic town in the north of Majorca, in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean. Don’t be fooled by its idyllic location though, there’s loads to do to keep the whole family entertained on your holiday here. 

If I had to recommend just one excursion that’s really worth it, just outside the town there’s the El Laberinto Maze Fun Park, an activity that promises to be something entirely different for you to do with your family. It’s a giant wooden maze, there are challenges and games weaved into it. It’s a unique experience that will get your whole family working together to complete it.

For the more adventurous family members, there’s the Hidropark, a popular waterpark with a 54 hole super-golf course next to it, so there’s something for everyone! And if that’s not enough to excite you, there’s always the karting track at Kartingmania, which is perfect for young and old adrenaline junkies alike. 

Budget Options

However, there’s plenty to do for free in the area too. The town itself is home to the Roman ruins of Ciudad Romana, a stunning archaeological site with plenty to see: the ruins of the Theatre, dating back to c. 100AD are not to be missed. There’s even a Museum by the site so your kids can learn as well as enjoy themselves on your holiday. Just north of the town there are plenty of scenic walks or bike trips that you can take into the mountainous area of Coll Baix, an idyllic and scenic landscape that’s nothing like you’d expect from Majorca’s reputation as a party hub. 

After all of this, you’ll want somewhere affordable and comfortable for you and your family to spend your time in during your days in.

There’s a whole range of boards to suit every budget, from self-catering (the nearest supermarket is a few minutes away) to all-inclusive, at the Sol Acudia Center Aparthotel  It is just 300m away from the beach, and it’s surrounded by the best bars, cafes and restaurants, it’s ideally situated. However, if you just want to stay in, there’s a whole array of activities for kids and adults alike that have been put on throughout the day, from archery for the big kids and games in the pool for the little ones. There’s even a kids disco in the evening to tire the little ones out before they go to bed, so you can enjoy the shows put on for the adults in the bar each evening.



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