Everything you need to know about Lego for different ages

Can you remember spending hours playing with Lego blocks? Maybe you loved building a large city for character to run wild, or designing intricate buildings with unique architecture. These colourful blocks have become a toy-box staple, helping people of all ages engage in the building fun. 

In the past few years, Lego has come a long way. Now, there’s a kit for almost any age and interest. Here’s everything you need to know about Lego for different ages.


Everything you need to know about Lego


Benefits of playing with Lego

Aside from providing endless entertainment for little and big kids alike, playing with Lego also has a number of benefits for different stages of development.

One of the big benefits is the way the blocks encourage your kids to get creative. Whether that’s a brand-new design they need to piece together, or solving issues as they begin their builds. The process of actually putting the pieces together is great for their important fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Plus, your kids will develop patience and concentration they’ll need to finish their builds. 

Keep in mind that there are age-specific Lego kits to help build relevant skills. 


Lego for toddlers

If you’re looking for Lego activities for kids under three, look no further than Duplo. This is Lego’s range designed specially for toddlers with bigger blocks and easy to put together pieces. That makes Duplo a great way to kickstart your little one’s early learning and development of problem solving and fine motor skills. 

At this age, some Duplo kits are designed to have a secondary teaching. Kits like My First Number Train are designed to help teach your little counting skills. There’s also My First Alphabet Truck which has cleverly designed blocks that show the alphabet. 

Build up a collection of Lego Duplo blocks in a variety of themes and let your toddler’s imagination take over. From zoo animals to firetrucks, they can choose what and how they want to build, developing their creativity and independence from a young age. 

While the blocks are larger than regular Lego, keep in mind that you’ll still need to supervise your little ones! 



Lego for children aged 5-7

As your kids get older, they can start tackling some of the bigger Lego builds and further develop their problem-solving skills and creativity.

For kids five years or older, Lego City sets are a perfect choice. They’ll love creating their own cities and letting their imaginations run free. Lego City packs come complete with characters and toys to populate the cities your kids will create. Building is only half the fun! Once they’re accomplished their masterpiece, they can sit back and engage in the world they’ve created, acting out scenarios and extending on their play.

As your kids get a little older and start to engage more with popular culture, film and TV, they’ll love the themed Lego sets and letting their imagination run wild as they immerse themselves into the worlds of their favourite characters!


Lego for children aged 7 and above

The great thing about Lego is how it grows with your child, providing fresh challenges at each age. For older kids, the Lego Technic range will pose the perfect challenge to keep them busy for hours. 

These sets use a different building style than traditional Lego sets, and are designed for more complicated builds – from cars that have real life functions like steering wheels to machines that will ift and build their other Lego creations. The more advanced Lego sets will definitely give your kids’ brains a workout and build their problem-solving and creative thinking skills, as well as their patience.

Lego Technic builds can be a little more fiddly, and different sets cater for different ages. That means the older your kids get, the more opportunity they’ll have to experiment with their builds.  


Lego for tweens and teens

Lego can be a great activity for tweens and teens that isn’t a screen. Creating with Lego can help lower stress levels at the end of a busy school-day and provides a chance for them to indulge in their creativity. 

Older age groups will benefit from the more challenging Lego technic or Lego creator range. These sets will often come with more pieces and require more complex construction – some even come with special tools to help you as you build! 

From colourful flowers and plants to landmarks from their favourite city around the world, there’s a set for every builder that will cater to their interests. 

Whether your child is starting their foray into Lego at a young age, or want to continue to develop their hobbies as they grow, there’s a Lego kit for everyone. From basics to complex builds, the fun with Lego never has to stop. 

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