Exquisite dining room interiors without the extortionate price tag

Today – Exquisite dining room interiors

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When it comes to kitting out the home, there is a fine balance to be struck between price and preference. With an unlimited budget, there is no end to the possibilities – however, very few people will find themselves in this position, which is where reproduction furniture is an absolute godsend.

To take one room in the house upon which it can be a joy to bestow a sense of grandeur, the dining room is certainly one to show off and which could benefit enormously from some carefully selected reproduction furniture to give it a feeling of opulence, class and luxury – without necessarily having to spend the big bucks.

A sense of occasion

Throughout history – and still to this day – mealtimes are used to create a sense of occasion. Monarchs hold banquets, families make Christmas the one time of the year to sit down to dine together, we invite friends over for supper parties – clearly, dining is a time to bring people together and celebrate or to just enjoy each other’s company.

Even if eating the most exquisite food, a supper party sitting around a boring whitewashed table pulled from a catalogue does not conjure a sense of occasion. Think mahogany, consider Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Jacobean pieces, and you have a supper party to remember.

Buckingham Palace banquet halls are unlikely to be kitted out from Ikea and so there is no reason your dining room needs to be any less opulent if you have an eye for antiquated and timeless style – even if you do not have access to the same funds (and centuries worth of monarchical antiques).

Reproduction furniture can afford individuals that luxurious sense of tradition, grandeur and class for their dining room without parting with eye-wateringly large sums of money.

Perfect for the dining room

The main purpose of the dining room is somewhere for people to eat meals – and meals, by definition, come with mess.

Therefore, many people may not wish to invest half of their life savings in a piece of furniture, which they are too scared to go within two feet of with a glass of water for fear of spilling on it. That is no way to treat your dining room.

So what can people do if they want to have antique furniture in their dining room without permanently living in fear? Reproduction pieces – such as the examples of reproduction mahogany furniture here – are the answer to this problem.

Furthermore, genuine antiques by definition tend to come with imperfections. This can make them even more difficult to clean than they already would be, as scratches may respond differently to products than an undamaged surface. Smooth, hand-crafted reproductions can eliminate such issues, making them all the more practical.

Somewhere you will want to spend time

Research from earlier this year by Santander revealed that eight per cent of working adults with children sit down for a family meal less than once a week, including the weekends, while a further 15 per cent only sit down for a family meal once or twice a week including at the weekend – somewhat disheartening statistics.

Perhaps if these families made their dining rooms somewhere in which the family would take great pleasure from spending time, these figures would show that more people were choosing to turn mealtimes into quality family moments. Scrap the breakfast bar, forget grabbing snacks using the sink to catch crumbs – invest in some timeless and stunning mahogany furniture for your dining room and bring back the family meal time

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