5 BEST quick money management hacks to kick-start your savings

Quick money management hacks are good to know.

For many families, fine-tuning money for saving and spending can be a blind spot. Are you managing your income as efficiently as you could be? What if you could use a little extra ‘give’ to make birthdays and holidays more affordable?

Here are a few magnificent money management tips you can use to make your cash flow that little more flexible.


quick money management hacks


Compare holiday accommodation and travel

It’s tempting to take big, flashy deals and offers at face value. However, by using price comparison sites, you and your family could save serious money on travelling abroad – as well as on staying there.

Consider using search engines to find low prices on air travel, and don’t forget that apps such as Airbnb and Trivago can be your allies for affordable, reliable family accommodation.


Scale back the apps – quick money management hacks

In this day and age, it’s easy to watch your streaming and app subscriptions stack up. While cheap on their own, paying out for Spotify, YouTube Premium, Netflix, Paramount+, and more for the family really will drive up monthly costs.

Think carefully about apps you use infrequently. Are you using Amazon’s Prime delivery service? Is your subscription to Audible falling on deaf ears? Scale them back, count the savings, and see if they’re missed.


Be shrewd about trading and investing

There’s a lot of press lately about how lucrative trading and investing can be for families. After all, it has never been easier to just pick up a smartphone and build a portfolio. However, trading is still a highly sensitive and risky process that will need careful attention.

Before you get started, consider heading to an authority such as Leaprate to find out more about the top UK trading platforms. Try to find an app or service that suits your needs the best – one that’s flexible around your attitude to risk and your trading experience.


Take advantage of voucher codes – quick money management hacks

Whether you click-and-collect or shop online, it’s wise to grab a few voucher codes here and there if you can. Some big savings are hidden behind secret vouchers and promo codes, so make a point to visit sites that specialise in hoarding promos that you can apply at checkout.

Do also look into extensions and plugins you can add to your internet browser. Extensions such as Honey are great for finding hidden deals on popular family brands and supermarkets. It’s all about grabbing those secret savings – which you can then earmark to put aside for a rainy day.


Keep an open mind – and check in with other families

It’s safe to say that life is getting pretty expensive for a lot of families out there. Therefore, while your dreams of becoming a millionaire may seem a long way off, there’s no reason to lose heart.

Make sure to check out money-saving forums, guides and social media groups themed around family savings. You’ll likely find lots of extra tips and tricks we haven’t listed for you today. Remember, there’s always a way for you to scale back your spending, and you don’t have to be uncomfortable doing it.


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