Frugal Family Travel Apps That Can Cut Your Spending, Not Your Fun

Frugal Family Travel Apps are so useful.

When you travel anywhere with kids, you can generally expect to spend a whole lot more money than if you traveled as an individual or a couple. You could do that, but you’d miss out on the adventure of family oriented travel. If you want to take the children along but you wonder how you can afford to do so, check out the following travel tools that can cut your expenses without wrecking your fun.

Frugal Family Travel apps


Discounts and airport amenities

GateGuru is an app for iOS and Android that may save your family up to ten dollars every vacation day. Use GateGuru to find the closest bathrooms, the nearest dining areas, and other airport amenities without wandering aimlessly. This app offers discounts at airport gift shops and on rental cars, too. Families who use OpenTable for iOS and Android earn points that accrue toward gift cards for future meals. Use OpenTable to find nearby eateries according to kid-friendliness, ambiance, price range and other determining factors, says Time magazine.

HotelTonight helps families book hotel rooms at the very last minute. As an added bonus, reserving a room through HotelTonight can also reap a number of rewards, not the least of which is reduced rates on a very nice, nearby room.


Post social media updates for free

Wi-Fi Finder offers the best way to locate local internet for free. If your family likes to post on social media at the end of an exciting day, this app might save you $15 to $20 in nightly hotel internet bills.


Frugal Family Travel Apps


Save on travel and other expenses with Frugal Family Travel Apps

CoolMomTech recommends Google Flights for families who travel domestically or overseas. The built-in flight comparison feature facilitates finding the best price for virtually any flight. The app, available for Android and iOS, allows would-be travelers to choose destinations according to their personal travel budget.

With Google Flights, your family could conceivably save hundreds of dollars on travel fares. The app will also tell you ways to upgrade for free. SkyScanner for iOS and Android is another flight price monitoring tool that searches millions of flights and shows results in easy to understand bar graphs.

A traffic ticket is an expense you don’t want to deal with while on a fun family vacation. Instead of distracting yourself by jotting down directions, use a call recorder to save your friend’s voice navigation hints. Call Recorder for Me is a dandy little app for this. Learn more at the Google Play store.


Frugal Family Travel Apps


More Frugal Family Travel Apps

Google Maps is a free travel and navigation tool that helps families get from Point A to Point B with nary a glitch. Save on fuel when you don’t drive around looking for a place that Google Maps could lead you to without delay. One good thing about Google Maps is that it’s probably already installed on your smartphone. Use it hands-free with voice commands and learn about local attractions with a simple finger tap.

With user-friendly Google travel tools, kids can help compare prices of domestic and international flights. When kids are involved in making travel plans, the whole trip might be more enjoyable for everyone.


Traveling as a family can be a challenge, but with the right selection of travel tools, even global travel can be more fun and affordable.


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