Having kids makes you think about money

Today – Having kids makes you think about money 

You may have recently read my post on 10 things to teach your child about money

Before I had kids I had a really good job and I earned a decent wage that enabled me to have quite a nice lifestyle. The year before we had children my husband and I went on 5 holidays! 5 in 1 year. How spoilt was I ! We went to Zurich, camping in Derbyshire, to Paris and to Kefalionia as well as to my sister’s little house in Spain. Money was for having fun, for spending and enjoying. I worked very hard and my job was stressful and I felt glad of all these holidays.

I didn’t have life insurance and I didn’t have a will. I thought I would be young for ever and I didn’t feel responsible for anyone.


Having kids makes you think about money

My goodness don’t children completely change your life.

I gave up work when my son was born. He weighted just 3lb and needed lots of TLC and time at home away from germs . My year off became 6 years off as I had my daughter and decided not to go back to work. Sadly my mum died during this time and I began to think about how vulnerable my children were if anything was to happen to me.

Becuase of my fears and concerns I made a will and asked my good friends to become guardians and I  had a good look at Comparethemarket.com and found a robust life insurance so they would be well provided for in my absence.

Becky the traveller had become Becky the very sensible grown up and it bought me peace of mind. I always wear a bike hat these days too!

Having kids makes you think about money

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Life insurance is really important to ensuring your children do well if anything happened to you. With the best will in the world you can’t expect someone else to pay for them to go to Uni, their first car or their wedding and even though it is sad to even contemplate not being there for these things sometimes parents aren’t.

Shopping around for life insurance is useful and a price comparison site is such a helpful tool. I really would advise you get this in place. It’s all part of growing up and being a parent (like eating sprouts in front of kids and pretending you like them!)

Having kids makes you think about moneyand that is a fact!

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