How have toys changed over the last century?

Children have always enjoyed playing with their toys. In a time of innocence, where the world is just a collection of places waiting to be explored, toys remain a trusted companion. We can all look back at our childhood days and think of our one favourite doll, action figure, or playset.

It’s amazing to think just how much toys have changed over the last century. The childhood of one generation can be so much different to the last. With technology changing the way our children play, no longer do kids need to rely on their imaginations alone – it’s all there in front of their eyes. But just how different have toys become? Do we really play any differently to our predecessors? Let’s jump into this Toy Time Machine that what2buy4kids has kindly developed, and travel through the history of toys together.


How have toys changed over the last century

What about your child?

Is your child obsessed with one doll or action figure? Has the tablet taken over in your household? Have you ever brought out your own retro toys? Drop us a message in the comments section below we would love to know how you think about how toys have changed over the last century.



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  1. August 30, 2017 / 19:09

    Fascinating graphic! Our two year old mostly has wooden toys (wooden tool box, mini brooms, wooden hammer, etc) blocks, books, some legos and stuffed toys. But honestly, he likes to play with our tupperware and tools 😉

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