How New SEAT Technology Could Save You Money

Almost all of us have turned to new technologies in order to get the best deal on a new car, especially those of us working on a tight budget. Price comparison tools and online platforms like John Clark have made finding the best price easier than ever. Automotive technology can also save you money when incorporated into the vehicle itself correctly, which is what companies like SEAT have been trying to achieve in recent years. Here are just some of the solutions on offer.

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Switch to SEAT Ecomotive Engines

A new car is a substantial purchase so it makes sense that, in a recent consumer survey, 37% of respondents said fuel economy was their leading consideration. In order to meet new consumer expectations, SEAT developed its new Ecomotive engines aimed at creating more efficient and economical vehicles. This borrows similar technology that we’ve seen in partner company Volkswagen’s Bluemotion engines and features an enhanced braking system, unique turbocharging technology, and a Stop/Start system.

This means that when the vehicle is stationary, such as when you’re stuck in traffic, the engine will automatically shut down to eliminate idle emissions. Rather than having to then trigger the ignition, the engine will automatically start back up when the driver lifts off the brake to start moving again. Certain models of vehicles fitted with Ecomotive engines will also come equipped with low-resistance tyres, which reduce rolling effort and minimise the amount of energy wasted.

Take Advantage of New Technology

As well as improving existing features in its vehicles, SEAT is also incorporating new technologies that we haven’t previously seen in cars before. Technology is impacting more and more parts of our daily lives, and cars are no exception. It seems that every year CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world, has an even larger presence from automotive manufacturers. SEAT is including more technological features into its range, including Autopilot and what it calls the Trip Computer.

In the long run, this aims to improve your driving habits and even save you money by presenting you with more useful information as you drive. This could include statistics like your overall travel time, average fuel consumption, and the total time remaining in your current journey. Rather than inputting the same data repeatedly, you can also save your favourite routes for future reference or even take advantage of more economical, suggested alternatives which decrease your fuel consumption.
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