How to Create a Minimalist Home with a Busy Family

I have always longed to have a minimalist home with a busy family that can feel elusive.

 It is not easy to go minimalist when your home is too small for the 2 adults and 2 teens that live in it. Especially when both of  said adults work form home and when  both teens have lots of hobbies and ‘stuff’ 

Our s is a cluttered and often messy home and it makes me feel a bit edgy sometimes. 

Whenever I am in a minimalist space I feel immediately calmer and less stressed. Not only do I find minimalist interiors aesthetically pleasing I also find them emotionally smoothing. Clean lines, unfussy patterns, tonal and neutral colours all make me feel rested. Lack of mess and simplicity in my external world lead to the same in my internal world. 

I know I would be a happier in a more minimalist home and I think it would calm us all down.  But how do   I create a minimalist home out of my present chaos? Well I have been giving it some thought. 


Declutter to create a minimalist home 

 Before doing anything else to my home I would massively declutter and get rid of anything not useful or beautiful. I would store all I can and try and find an unobtrusive home for everything. This has to be the first step towards a minimalist home – getting rid of the excess.


Minimalist Furniture for a minimalist home

Papaya’s range of furniture is beautifully minimalist and super stylish and would be a perfect way to change up the look of my home. At the moment we have bright red oversied squishy sofas  – you could not get more maximallist! 

Let me show you some of Papaya’s pieces so you can how they could really bring a serene vibe to my crazy home.


An occasional chair 

Whilst it might look  delicate this Parker occasional chair is both solid and robust. It would go with any other decor and it is beautifully simple and practical. It is also stackale toso you cold have 4 and juts keep them against a wall until needed. A perfect solution for when the teens have their pals over. 


How to Create a Minimalist Home with a Busy Family


A slouch chair

My teens love to game but OMG how I hate the ugly look of gaming chairs.  A Papaya Marco slouch chair makes the perfect minimalist alternative . It is both slouchy and relaxed, whilst also being a very cool looking and simple ergonomic chair. I would be proud to have this is my home and it looks so comfy too. 


How to Create a Minimalist Home with a Busy Family


A storage cabinet 

The Papaya Vecchio 3 door cabinet is a minimalist storage cabinet that would be a huge boost when trying to create a minimalist home.

It would scoop up all the board games and arts and crafts and bits and bobs my teens strew everywhere and bring a sense of order to our home as well as adding the beauty of the natural wood. 

Great furniture would work really well to bring the minimalist vibe into your home.



Once I had sorted the furniture i would re paint our home in creams and whites and soft greys to give a lovely calm backdrop to our space. This would really help it feel more zen.


So just by decluttering, picking out furniture carefully and looking carefully at colour I could be well on the way to creating a minimalist home despite our busy lifestyle.  






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