How to Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom

How to Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom – top tips 

Did you know that a bedroom in the UK only needs to be 11.5 square metres to count as a double bedroom? That means there’s very little space left for storage once you’ve squeezed a bed in there! Here’s how to maximise storage space in your bedroom if you’re struggling to find a place for all your belongings…


Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom – Buy a bed with storage underneath

Your bed is one of the most important parts of your bedroom, isn’t it? After all, sleeping is what you’ll spend the majority of your time doing while you’re in the room, so it’s important that you invest in the right bed. However, the right bed isn’t just about price, comfort or quality.


How to Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom


When it comes to maximising storage in your bedroom, the right bed will be one that allows you to use it for storing things too. This is a particularly important consideration given the fact your bed will take up so much space.

You can buy bed bases from Divan Bed Centre, as these bases have optional storage within them. For instance, the entire base can lift up to reveal a large storage area, or you can buy bed bases with built-in drawers too. These beds are perfect for storing bed linen in, books, clothes and anything else you’re struggling to find a place for in your current living arrangement.


How to Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom – Clear out your closet

Another way to maximise the storage space in your bedroom is to actually maximise the storage space you already have. Your wardrobe and chest of drawers is probably pretty full right now, so why not clear out some space?

Take three bin liners and label them ‘keep’, ‘bin’, and ‘charity’. Pull out every item of clothing and assign them into one of these bin liners, being as ruthless as you can: you’ll find you have made more storage space in exchange for a couple of hours of de-cluttering.



Commission built-in storage wardrobes

While freestanding wardrobes can be beautiful (especially those old, antique ones), they’re not always the best use of space. That’s due to the fact that they rarely stretch from floor to ceiling, and they unfortunately gobble up all the floor space too.

So, consider commissioning a company to make you built-in wardrobes and shelves. You may have seen these storage solutions advertised on TV, allowing you to choose from lots of different styles to ensure you have compartments to store all manner of things.


 How to Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom – Use ‘dead’ spaces 

Another way to make the most of storage space in your room is to think about the zones that simply don’t get used. For instance, is that space above your bedroom door doing much? If not, designers call it ‘dead’ space.

You can breathe life back into this space by fixing a shelf above it, and then filling the space with anything you like. You could even arrange boxes and baskets across the shelf before filling it with all the things you need to store away.


Maximise Storage in Your Bedroom


Maximise storage on the walls

Similar to the tip above, why not use the walls for storage? You can fix shelves, mesh noticeboards (perfect for using to store jewellery like this homeowner has done here, for instance), and you can even fix some hanging boxes to the ceiling too if you have items you’re happy to store out of reach (for instance, seasonal items of clothing you won’t want to wear for six months).


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