How to Take Care of Your Skin in This Brutal Heat

We are all excited to do our cute summer outfits and have a hot girl summer but one thing we need to be keen on is how to take care of our skin in this extremely high temperature. Extreme heat is usually harsh on our skin in that it is dehydrated thus destroying its supple barrier. In addition to that, the extreme heat also causes more sweating, the production of oil, and the generation of new skin cells which might lead to acne breakouts since the dead skin cells mix with the oil sweat thus clogging up the pores. To combat these detrimental effects, many individuals are now turning to innovative treatments like the exosome IV therapy in Los Angeles, which promotes skin hydration and rejuvenation, offering a solution to the harsh impact of the relentless summer sun.

However, we can avoid all this and maintain our flawless, beautiful, and healthy skin by doing the following things:


How to Take Care of Your Skin in This Brutal Heat


Hydrating your skin

Skin hydration is one of the important steps in a skincare routine since it enables the skin to play its main role of being a barrier to any harmful external elements. One of the best ways to hydrate your skin is to incorporate hydrating face masks, like the ones from the Blue Lagoon skincare brand for example, in your routine. Also try using sheet masks that contain elements like vitamin A, C, E, or aloe vera.


Consume antioxidant-rich foods

Be keen on your diet and take veggies and fruits rich in antioxidants. These nutrients will be your little soldiers that will reverse the harmful effects of the extreme heat.


Wear SPF

The fact that you are taking antioxidants doesn’t mean that you can skip on wearing your sunscreen. Ensure that your sunscreen has a protection level of SPF 30 and above. This will effectively protect you from the harmful effect of UVA and UVB rays.


Applying lightweight makeup

Your skin needs to breathe when you are out in the hot sun. This therefore only means you should go for the light makeup over the heavier creams. As a result, your skin will be well relaxed while you are out and about.


Increase your water intake

Ensure that the amount of water you are taking is more than normal since you are losing more water through sweating during summer. The water will cool your skin and cleanse your system thus giving your skin a lustrous look.


How to Take Care of Your Skin in This Brutal Heat

Get proper sleep

Well, guess what, sleep does in fact chip in on your skin health. You have probably had the phrase “beauty sleep” and disregarded it. Getting enough sleep ensures that you don’t have dark circles under your eyes and a reduced chance of having wrinkles.


The above tips are a few ways of protecting and maintaining healthy skin during these crazy high temperatures. Do you have any other ways of taking care of your skin?


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