How to tame your frizz

Today – How to tame your frizz

My hair is frizzy.

My dad had very dark tight curls and my mum had thick flnme red hair. great hair genes to have you would think but sadly I got mousey brown wavy frizz. if I don’t use conditioner and product it I look like Rod Stewart at the height of his 70;s glam rock period.

It s a bit wild !

I have experimented with the likes of pure Argan oil, frizz ease, Aussie intense conditioner all with varying degrees of effectiveness. However I  am still ever searching for that product that WILL work all day and turn my mop into a super sleek crowning glory that only the hairdressers  seem to manage to produce.


How to tame your frizz

I was delighted to be offered Creightons inexpensive Frizz No More range to review

Smooth and shine blow dry cream

You just pop this on before you blow dry and it helps you hair become c=glossy and sleek and defends against humidity. I had a good result with this and would definitely use it again

Hold and moisture activator cream for curls

You pop this on to damp hair and it helps hold and define the curls. I used this on my daughter who has uber curly hair and it really did help with definition

Sleek and shine miracle serum.


Well it didn’t work miracles! but it is a good serum and definitely added gloss and shine and it is such a bargain price at £1.99 I will be back for more.

There are more products in the range and all retail at just £1.99 I think you will agree that is a total bargain for good hair products!

Do take a look at Creightons for budget beauty buys that are good quality too.


My final tips on staying frizz-free and how to tame your frizz are to sleep on silk pillows and use an umbrella!


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  1. May 14, 2017 / 10:41

    Haha, an umbrella is no use at all for me! My hair goes instantly fizzy as soon as I step outside in the rain, even with my hood up!! I usually use frizz ease (Jon Frieda I think), but will check this out next time I’m in Superdrug.

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