It is time to sort out your will

Sadly I lost both my parents whilst in their 60’s. Nobody expected this and no-one was prepared for it. Not them or us, and emotionally and in every other way imaginable, it was just devastating.

It has made me think, perhaps earlier than most of my peers, that life is finite and you may not have as long as you possibly think. I am not sharing this to be morbid or to cast doom and gloom about the future but really to emphasise how we need to be prepared. Waiting till we are much older to think about putting plans in place regarding wills may be waiting just that bit too long.


Life is unexpected and unpredictable and so sometimes is the end of life.

I have had some health issues myself over the past few years and I really want to be sure provisions are in place for my children.  As an author there are royalties to think of from any books I have still selling and other monies that may come in. I would want to be sure money is left in trust for my children to receive when they are old enough.

Have you heard of a will trust ?

Sometimes within a Will we have to leave special provisions for our loved ones. Will Trusts can be created in circumstances where the person due to inherit cannot yet (Children under age) receive their inheritance, or perhaps will never be able to manage an inheritance (a disabled or special needs child or relative).

Guardian Legal are experts in estate planning and asset protection, they give free advice around these issues with n obligation to purchase so it is well wirth contacting them for more information

It is really important to have considered issues such a sthese particularly if you have a disabled child or particularly young children.

I don’t know about you but I think it is really important to ensure the future is secure for my kids. I thin it is important to do this now rather than putting it off and it being too late. It is certainly an area worth exploring and in my experience such provisions are much simpler to set up than you think.


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