Jewellery from Find Me a Gift

Jewellery from Find Me a Gift


I was delighted to be offered some jewellery to review from Find Me a Gift. It is a long time since I have had any new jewellery and normally other people pick it out for me as a present. Such a treat to choose my own!

First of all I chose this lovely Mayan Chiming Heart Necklace


Mayan Musical Chiming Heart Necklace - Mayan Necklaces

This necklace not only looks lovely it can help you relax with its soothing chime.It comes in a luxurious silk pouch to ensure it can be kept safe. It will be a prized piece in any jewellery box.It looks very solid and pretty and the noise is so delicate and gentle it really does help you feel peaceful. Gorgeous!

This cost £19.99

The other item I chose was the Cuffs of Love Turquoise Bracelet. I adore this its a grown up friendship bracelet that symbolises being locked in love. They have a 14 carot white gold plated handcuff closure and each one is easily adjustable, available in a range of colours and can be worn by men women or children. Very popular in the US Find me a git have bought them over to the UK. I adore it!

Usual price £34.99 currently £24.99


Find me a Gift have an array of lovely and unusual gifts. Well worth a look!


Jewellery from Find Me a Gift is a review post


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