Make your Blog a Commercial Success

If you run a blog your internet reputation and presence are of utmost importance. It’s no use having a fabulous site, full of great ideas, pictures and stories if no one can find you. Search Engine Optimisation may sound complicated and boring, but is essential to anyone who wants to make a commercial success out of their blog.

When people come across your blog in search of advertisement space, they don’t particularly take into account how pretty or professional it looks, they often aren’t even too bothered about its readership; one of the main things they are looking for is a high page rank and domain authority. Don’t be scared by these technical sounding terms, they simply indicate the value of your site in the eyes of Google. The higher Google ranks your site, the more people will want to pay to be on there.

There are many ways to search engine optimise your site, including the acquisition of backlinks and the regular uploading of unique content. There are many SEO companies that can help boost your page rank and domain authority, as well as making you appear on page one of Google results when relevant key words are searched.

When approaching an SEO company for help, it is important to know which key words are important to you. Do you want to be found on Google for “fashion blog” or “blog about clothes”, both or neither? Perhaps “women’s clothes ideas” would suit you more. What is important is your clarity on what your blog is and what you want people to think of it as.

It is also important to be aware of these key words when writing your posts. Every now and then (a couple of times a week), you should write articles focusing on your chosen keys words, so that Google recognises what your blog is about and ranks it on page one of Google when people search for those key words.

Being on page one of Google for the correct key words will significantly increase your traffic, page rank and domain authority, which will enable you to charge more for advertising and really turn your blog into a business.

Don’t fear the complicated side of the internet, there are many online reputation management companies out there that can help you get where you need to be.


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