My Dad Has Everything – What Should I Gift Him?

Dads are special, aren’t they? They provide, care, and often spoil us, making birthdays, Father’s Day, or any special occasion a perplexing challenge when it comes to finding the perfect gift. If you’re constantly wondering, “What on earth should I get for the man who seems to have everything?” you’re not alone. Here’s a curated guide to inspire you.


1. Personalised Keepsakes

One of the most meaningful gifts is one that tells a story or holds a memory.

Photo Albums & Books: In this digital age, tangible photographs have an added charm. Curate a collection of memories, perhaps even ones he’s forgotten about, and craft them into a beautiful photo book.

Custom Engraving: Consider items like keyrings, cufflinks, or even pocket watches with a significant date, coordinates of a special place, or a meaningful quote. If you’re seeking a truly unique keepsake, Create Gift Love offers bespoke pieces made from wood and leather that can be tailored just for your dad.


2. Experience Over Material

Sometimes, it’s not about what’s in the box, but the memory you can create.

Adventure Days: If he’s the adventurous type, think about activities like hot air balloon rides, supercar driving experiences, or even a weekend glamping trip.

Workshops & Courses: From pottery workshops to cookery courses, there’s a myriad of skills he might enjoy acquiring.

Cultural Experiences: Book tickets to a sought-after theatre performance, a classical concert, or a historic site he’s mentioned wanting to visit.


My Dad Has Everything - What Should I Gift Him

3. The Gift of Time

In our busy lives, quality time often takes a backseat. Gifting experiences that ensure you spend time together can be invaluable.

Weekend Getaways: Plan a surprise weekend away. It doesn’t have to be far or lavish. A cosy B&B in the countryside can offer a tranquil escape.

Day Out Itinerary: Create a day’s schedule packed with activities he loves, be it visiting museums, or a trip to the golf course, followed by dinner at his favourite restaurant.


4. Subscription Services

For the dad who has everything, the gift that keeps on giving might just be the answer.

Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions: Does he have a hobby or interest he’s passionate about? Monthly magazines on gardening, automobiles, or history might pique his interest.

Book Clubs: For the literary dads, a subscription to a book club ensures a new read is delivered to his door every month.

Gourmet Food & Drink: Monthly wine-tasting boxes, gourmet coffee selections, or international snacks can bring a world of flavours to his doorstep.


5. Hobby Enhancers

Look at what he loves doing in his free time. Enhancing that experience can be an unexpectedly thoughtful gift.

Tech Gadgets: For the tech-savvy dad, gadgets like noise-cancelling headphones, the latest tablet, or even a drone might just become his new favourite toy.

Gardening Tools: If he has a green thumb, premium gardening tools or rare plant seeds can be a delightful surprise.

Sports Equipment: Upgrade his golf clubs, and fishing gear, or even invest in a new tennis racket. Sometimes, a quality upgrade can transform a hobby experience.


6. Handmade Tokens

In an age of commercialism, a gift made with your own two hands carries a depth of sentiment.

Write a Letter: Pen down your feelings, recount cherished memories, or simply express gratitude.

Handmade Crafts: From knitted scarves to hand-painted mugs, a handmade item always holds a special place in the heart.


In Conclusion

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of finding the “perfect” gift, especially for someone who seems to have it all. But gifts, at their core, are an expression of love and appreciation. Whether it’s a personalised keepsake, an unforgettable experience, or a simple letter from the heart, it’s the thought and effort behind the gift that truly counts. Remember, with a touch of creativity and a sprinkle of love, you’re sure to find something that will make your dad’s day truly special.



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