RC mini boat for the bath tub

I have always wanted a radio controlled boat ( oops….I mean the kids have! )

My kids have always loved playing in the bath but as they have gotten older there seems to be a lot less choice for toys. Until we were asked to review this fabulous radio controlled mini boat.

It is such fun the kids are really keen for bath time again!

rc miniboat

It’s a great little boat, you charge it up from the transmitter via a simple lead and the transmitter takes 4 AA batteries.  Then its simply a matter of popping it in the bathtub and having a go. You can steer it forward backwards and side to side and it goes a fair speed too.

Have a look, my daughters first go and as you can see it’s running really well…

At just £19.99 I think these make a really fun gift idea. Both my kids enjoy RC toys and I can see them on a sunny day having this out in our rather enormous padding pool too. We may even have to think about getting another one so they can have races!

Love toys that don’t involve screens and lead to pals of laughter.

I have to be honest and admit that I have had a bit of a play with it too. All in the name of research of course!
Revell Control models are available from www.amazon.co.uk and all good toy retailers. They do a great range and their helicopters look fantastic

For details visit www.revell.de/en


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