Frugal Fashion Shopping in Someone Else’s Wardrobe

someone elses wardrobe

Frugal expert and follower of fashion, Jacqueline Cohen, has  launched a new fashion site aimed at giving women who love to shop, an online space to switch outfits as well as keeping up to date with the latest style news and trends.

We all know  keeping on trend is becoming a costly activity that requires us family budgeters to think creatively.  Someone Else’s Wardrobe is a creative space where women can sell and buy barely worn style items, at the right price.

Jacqueline Cohen, Creator of Someone Else’s Wardrobe says,

  “There are lots of sites which sell second hand clothes, but this site is about selling clothes you’ve bought on impulse and either barley worn, worn once, or not at all.  It gives you the chance to sell these clothes at an appropriate price whilst also being able to buy something from someone else’s wardrobe you they might like better!  It’s the perfect indulgence for anyone who wants to keep on trend whilst also nurturing the purse strings.

There are some gorgeous items at great prices and I have to say I have just broken my golden rule of reviewing a new site. I’ve only gone and bought something!

This cream butterfuly River Island top is £22 and BNWT. It should have been £39 what a great saving. This is my Christmas gift to me, I will wrap it up and put it away to unwrap and wear on the big day. Now I will stop looking. Why don’t you have look?

It’s a fabulous frugal fashion site and as you know I love frugal fashion shoipping!



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