Simple Pleasures – A Look at the Simplest Pleasures in Life

Simple Pleasures are always the best aren’t they?

My week has been awesome and filled with some very simple pleasures let me tell you all about it unt he hope that inspires you to find simple pleasures, cost free to make your weekd special too 


Awesome Easter & Simple Pleasures

Me and the kids decorated our family as eggs then carted the box ( hard boiled do they didn’t break) over to my mother in laws garden where we played egg and spoon races and rolled the eggs down their garden slope. Such a giggle and such simple pleasures are the stuff of memories aren’t they? 


Monopoly Marathon

Completely trounced my daughter at a very long and competitive game if monopoly this week so feel super rich


Simple Pleasures


Another marvellous marathon – The Simple Pleasures of walking

A few years ago I walked a marathon in a day for the British Lung Foundation. I am 50 this year so taking up the challenge again. Itll get my fitter cost free I have my training plan back up on the fridge and today is day 1 so I had better get my skates on.


Simple Pleasures


Reading my way to success

I wanted to take a business management course this year to upscale my business but I am time and cash short wright instead I took the option of buying a great book to spur me on. I am currently reading the epically proportioned The Success Principle by Jack Canfield and it is all kids of awesome and is make me feel very motivated all for a tenner! 


Leftover love & Simple Pleasures

I have just purchased some vegan marshmallows and we have some leftover mini eggs so we are thinking of making Helen fabulous rocky road recipe this weekend – always good budgeting to use up your leftovers! 

So there you go a fun and simple week. 


Hows your week been? Do you have anything thrifty to share with me – what simple pleasures have made your week?


Simple pleasures are truly the best 



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  1. April 9, 2021 / 11:24

    Good luck on your walk and thanks for sharing your fabulously frugal week with us. The Easter egg and spoon race sound so fun yet so simple. I sure hope we remember next year to add it to our festivities.

  2. April 9, 2021 / 12:02

    Love those eggs – I used to make those when my kids were little. Good luck with the walking. I walk miles each day since I got a dog. They make you go out whatever the weather, so even if I don’t feel motivated, I do it anyway! Cheaper than the gym (just about!).

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