Smart Outdoor Lighting Ideas

I have been on the hunt for smart outdoor lighting.

My garden is my pride and joy and not just in the spring and summer. I see it as an extra room in our home and I like to spend lot of time relaxing in this beautiful and much appreciated family space, reading or perhaps sharing an evening drink  with friends. My kids like to hang out with their friends in our garden too.

 We like to sit outside in the evening even in winter. We have both a fire pit and a chiminea to keep us warm and they provide a little light but not enough.  I have been wanting some smart outdoor lighting for ages that looks cool and illuminates our decking area so we can easily and comfortably sit outside and chat or talk. I also think its nice to eat supper outside even in the Autumn days when a little extra lighting is definitely required. You have to see what you are eating, don’t you? It is also way more sociable than eating in the dark ­čÖé

Over at Ozlighting there are some wonderful options for smart outdoor lighting. Let me show you some of my faves.


Smart Outdoor Lighting Options

LED wall lights are a great idea and I love the sleek and minimalist look of these, they would work so beautifully for a modern home. They provide both an upward and downward lighting effect and they are both weatherproof and durable.  I love the range of colours /materials offered too. 




Deck lights

Deck lights would also be a great idea to have outside. These are simple, mini recessed lights that just  illuminate the area you want lit and they make the perfect definition to a seating area.




Portable lights make for Smart Outdoor Lighting

I also adore the strap to go light for outdoors for lots of reasons, the main one being it looks very cool!  The Strap to Go is actually really practical too. This USB Powered light from Nordlux is the light that does it all. This light is portable, dimmable and  weatherproof.  It would be so handy to just pop on a table top, wouldn’t it?

A cute centerpiece I think.

The Kettle is a similar model and juts look so cute!





I am also rather loving these SPIKE accessories which enable the Kettle to become a  portable spike lamp which, for example, can be placed in the flowerbed or along the driveway.




These would also be perfect if you were to take them camping too.


Step Lights

Our garden steps are a bit rickety and I do worry about people tripping on them that don’t know them as well as we do. These step lights not only look cool but are great safety feature for a dark garden or front of house.




 So there you go, a range of smart outdoor lighting ideas that could really make a big difference to how much you use and enjoy your backyard.

Which one is your favourite option?


Smart Outdoor Lighting is a collaborative post. 


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