SSH!!!! Mums need silence!

I’m not surprised to learn that mums get only 10 minutes of silence per day

Research released this week  by Philips PerfectCare reveals that our homes are louder than ever, with a third of Brits now finding them too noisy. This is particularly true for mums who struggle to get a moment of peace in the home; just under half of all those surveys (43 per cent) only relax for under minutes every day.

One in three Brits find their homes too noisy:

Just under half of all parents get under 10 minutes of quiet time a day·

The average person spends £300 a year to get some peace and quiet

Domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners and irons cited as causing the most noise in the home

ÂAlmost a quarter of people blame loud family members for the increased noise levels

Men are the noisiest members of the home, after dogs!

sssh, peace and quiet


When we do finally get to enjoy a moment of silence the almost half (45 per cent) are choosing to spend the time reading books or magazines. One in ten of us are willing to spend money on spa treatments like facials and pedicures. The average person spends over £300 a year just to get peace and quiet outside the home.

Noisy neighbours seem to be a thing of the past with only 9 per cent pointing the blame next door. Domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners and irons were cited as causing the most noise (44 per cent) followed by family members (21 per cent).

According to the survey, dogs are the loudest family members closely followed by the men of the house with 22 per cent of those questioned blaming their husbands and fathers.

The vacuum cleaner was the least popular household sound followed by the washing machine as they disrupted people watching the TV (45 per cent) particularly amongst 18-34 year olds (53 per cent).

68 per cent of the UK agreed that even though housework is now easier, electrical appliances make it so much louder and therefore more stressful – yet another excuse for not doing the chores.

Withington added: “Our homes should be a place where we can enjoy peace and quiet but unfortunately this is no longer the case and we are now finding sanctuary outside the home.”

After all the recent Olympics uproar, Philips is encouraging all households across the UK to enjoy a “Silent Sunday” at 3pm on Sunday 19th August.


5 most unpopular household sounds:

1. Vacuum cleaner

2. Washing machine

3. Blender / juicer

4. Kettle / coffee machine

5. Iron


The research was carried out by Philips to mark the launch of the new PerfectCare Silence, the quietest steam generator in the world


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